And the winner is...

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...not so clear.


This competition was a lot of fun for me and I was surprised about many creative answers I got. Many thanks to all our fans.

All hints have been solved and some of you already knew that it could only be the Porsche 911 GT2 of 2008 in meteor grey metallic.

The first one who named the right car was 12thgear. He named the correct car and he posted the picture of the right steering wheel  but unfortunatly not of the car. The picture he posted is an official shot of Porsche and the actual car was black according to their picture database.

huntersmith posted the same but also the correct picture of the car so he was actually the first correct entry.

Sonac and Näggi followed on second and third so the winners are:

1. huntersmith

2. sonac

3. Näggi


You will get your wheel before the end of this year.


But what should we do with 12thgear? Opinions please.



We have a fourth winner! Congratulations to 12thgear. (I never really considered not to give him a wheel ;))



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