Shipment of upgrade kits delayed

Thomas JackermeierThomas Jackermeier Member, Administrator

I am sorry to tell you that we have to delay the delivery of the PWGT3RS V1->V2 upgrade kits again.

After sending us a shipment with missing components, they sent us the wrong cables and now the correct cables are defective and many PCBAs are not in the quality we expect. We decided to completely send back the upgrade kits for immediate replacement of fully tested and 100% perfect products instead of sending out products with uncertain quality.

Especially on the upgrade kits we would otherwise have big problems to find out if a defective is caused by improper installation or because of the quality of the kit itself.

I know that you are desparatly waiting for the kits since several months and it is painful not to ship out the units we have but it is the right decision in the long run. We compalined heavily about the lousy quality of the kits which was sent out by our manufacturer and asked for immediate replacement and explanation. I assume that they just sent us units which were sorted out during the regular production process but this is not acceptable of course.

I will keep you up to date when we will get the replacement units.

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