The CSR wheels are swimming!

I am happy to announce that production of the following products is running in full speed:

  • Forza Motorsport CSR wheel
  • CSR Elite Pedals
  • CSR Shifter set

The first containers are already on the way to Europe and the USA and we will have inventory for the launch of Forza Motorsport 4 on October 11th.

That means we will start taking pre-orders for these products until supply lasts.

The CSR Elite has just passed the technical approval of Microsoft so we can start the production of this model in a few weeks as well as the CSR pedals and the CSR Pedal Inversion kit.

The CSR Elite got a new colour scheme with rubber coating on the full wheel rim and on the back cover.

We also released the first pictures of the CSR pedals which will be introduced in a dedicated video very soon.



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