Steering Wheel Survey



  • I will not recommend to anybody to buy this Wheel. I am always looking for the best. I don´t really care for the money if I´m getting the best, but this product it isn´t. They don´t support you if something goes wrong, you are at your own. And believe me, usually their product doesn´t work. I made a mistake hopping to get the best, and unfortunatelly is not. You will regret if you buy their products, they are not worhty. The only reason I am writting this words is because I would love to have this information before I spent 700 euros or more. So please believe me fanatec wheels and pedals does not work on pc. They are a piece of crap sold as they were gold, but they are not. Search somewhere else, you won´t regret it. Bet regards to all of you and hope to race you son.
    Don't work on pc? Dude you need to do the research. Lol
    Even over a Direct Drive wheel there is no other wheel base worth buying for Sim Racing than Fanatec! No one else gives you the tuning abilities that come with the CSW line, the out of the box plug and play, the realism and a for the racers mentality. To date, there's not another company within or outside of Sim Racing that I have purchased more products from and been happy with every purchase.
    You're correct. For him to say won't work on PC is just ridiculous.
  • Hallo

    Ein F1 Wheel für  Xbox Scorpio wäre nett.

  • Hello,

    A DTM wheel would be great (like the BMW above in the picture)!!!!!
  • 320mm csl wheel with symmetrical button layout with nice cheap price and weight. Shock motors maybe
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