CSP V3 owners: Betatesters wanted for Brake Performance Kit

We will release a new Brake Performance Kit for the ClubSport Pedals V3 (only) which includes two special dampers made of a high-end material.


This material is made in Germany and allows for an ultra direct braking experience. There are two different stiffnes grades. It is easy to lubricate and super durable with cycle times of well over 1 Million.

We are now looking for up to 60 testers who already own a ClubSport Pedal V3 and are willing to give us Feedback about:
  • Ease of Installation
  • Feeling
  • Precision
  • Stiffness
  • any issues you find

Just leave a comment here and make sure that this is the account which contains all your latest adress Information.



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    You can count me in Thomas. If I'm selected for that ofcourse !
    Address info is already known by Peter and Armin.

    Thnx for the opportunity ! ^:)^ =D>
  • I'm in Thomas and would love to test it.
  • I'm in as well
  • Would be happy to test one of the brake performance kit :)
  • I am available to test
  • I really want to test this new kid. I already received my third! damper kit because they die so fast with the weak foam.
  • I think these are replacement foam dampers to be installed in the Brake housing tube. Not for the additional damper kits ?
  • I would like to test the performance kit. I drive 2-4 hours per day at weekdays and more at the weekend. 
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    Hi Guys,

    I am an owner of the v3 (+Damper for the brake) and would be happy to test the Brake Performance Kit.
    I drive almost every day actually.
  • I think these are replacement foam dampers to be installed in the Brake housing tube. Not for the additional damper kits ?
    This would be great, if so as my foam dampers are getting a little gritty feeling when I fully depress the brake. Need to get in there and lube them up.

    @Antoine pm sent
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    Hi Thomas, i´m ready to test it. My CSPv3 + Dampers are coming in the next few days.
  • Hi Thomas!

    As I already was a good betatester for some products from Fanatec I think I can help you betatest these new Dampers because I have quite a lot experience in betatesting and I know what feedback you want - my CSP v3 are ready :-)
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    Thanks for developing this.

    I'm in :)

    Already using the V3 for a while now. Anything that can make it even better or give me the edge is more than welcome. :D
  • @Ivan Where do you live?
  • Hi Thomas.
    I use the V3 Pedals for a while, so i am ready to test the Performance Brake Kit!
    I hope it gives the brake a better feeling.

  • hi

    i can test it if you need +1 tester :)



  • Hallo Leute,

    ich würde gerne den neuen Brake Performance Kit testen und berichten. Danke

    Grüße Frank
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    thanks for the opportunity !
    Hungarian sim community ready.
    let's get ready to rumble..;)

    Best regards, Tamas
  • Ich würde auch sehr gerne teilnehmen. 

    Beste Grüße
  • Hi,
    würde auch gerne dabei helfen, die V3 noch weiter zu verbessern.
  • Hallo, ich würde auch sehr gerne mit machen! Ich gebe immer ein sehr genaues und fast schon zu ausführliches Feedback, bin begeisterter Sim Racer der Momentan vor allem in Projekt Cars und Forza 6 aber ab und an auch in Asetto Corsa unterwegs ist und die komplette Palette der neuen Produkte von Wheel Base V2 mit XBOX Hub und GT Lenkrad sowie das F1 Lenkrad und eben auch die Club Sport V3 Pedale in Betrieb hat.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen Sebastian
  • Thank you so much for this opportunity! I can test it with my new V3's. My shipping address is updated in my profile.

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    I would Love to test the Brake kit for you!!! I've had my V3 pedals since august and have used them 3 to 5 hours a day and can give you a accurate assessment of how the New brake pedal kit feels and performs vs the current PU foam that is installed in the brake pedal.

    I also own the v1 pedals and the CSP tuning Kit and have used both the Stiff PU foam and the softer PU foam that was included with the kit and i can tell the difference in Braking performance.

    I am very familiar with taking the V3 Pedals apart to Lube the PU Foam.... My Lube of choice is Teflon Dry Lube (like you used in the V1 instruction Video) and was able to recommend that to others on the forum and it solved a few forum members brake pedal issues.  I will be More than happy to test this for you.

    Lorrell Waddell
  • Lets Do it Can I test a v2 with a Porsche rim with it on my R Seat Rig ???
  • Thank you for the offer to test the brake kit.
    Count me in.


  • Hallo Leute,

    ich würde gerne den neuen Brake Performance Kit testen und berichten.

    Danke für das Angebot.

    Mit freundlichen Grüß


  • Let's do it can I test the v2 with a Porsche rim also to go with R Seat rig
  • Hi Thomas,

    I would like to test the performance kit. I have a set of HE Sim Pedals Pro that I replaced with the CSV3 pedals so I could play Forza 6. The V3s are fantastic with Forza 6. I use them with Assetto Corsa also and they are decent but not the same feel as the HE pedals. The V3 performance kit seems to be moving toward the same technology as the HEs. I feel I could be useful as a Beta tester because of my experience with HE pedals.

    Byron Dashnaw

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