Slogan for CSL Elite Wheel Base and Pedals wanted! -UPDATE

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It has been silent for a Little while but we are coming back strong. The production of the CSL Elite Wheel base is starting soon together with the new CSL Elite pedals.

As usual we would like to put a funny or surprising slogan on our giftbox so when you open the box you already know what to expect.

This time we ask our community to come up with those slogans. We need one for the wheel base and one for the pedals.
- 4 Lines
- English language
- Not too long

Please post your proposals here in the comments and win a set of the new CSL Elite Wheel Base and CSL Elite Pedals.

The slogan which will be chosen on the giftbox wins.
If two people send in the same slogan, the first one gets the wheel.
You can enter as many sloagans as you want


You are amazing!!!

The feedback is overwhelming and there was a lot of great feedback! We have chosen the two winners and notified them but there will be probably more winners as we would like to use more of those slogans on future giftboxes. Of course you will also get the CSL Elite wheel.

Production starts next week and if everything goes smoothly we plan to put it in our webhshop soon.



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