M6 screw length to bottom mount a DD1?

Hi. I just got finally got my DD1 today, and promptly ran into a snafu trying to mount it. The quick guide says to use M6 screws, but says nothing about their length. The ones I have are 15 mm long, and as far as I can tell, one of the bottom holes on the wheel is fine with it, but all the other ones seem way shallower. What's the screw length we're supposed to use? 

And why isn't that specified in the setup guide?


  • The holes on the bottom are 12mm deep. See page 10 of the Podium Wheel Base Manual for all mounting information.
  • So of course I'm trying to install mine as well, but incredibly, they did not include any bolts. I'm in the states and we don't carry these fine thread bolts, so I need to order them. What size do I need to get?

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