How to get Break rumble to work in F1 2019

So far as I know, brake rumble motor should be supported in F1 2019. No matter why, but for me isn't working.

RIM F1 2019, Base V2.5 with Clubsports V3 pedals.
RIM Menu ABS to 95-100%

In game ABS on/ off doesn't lead to success. No rumbling motor recognized.

Is is it really supported by the game?



  • Got the same issue in F1 2019 on PC. I can't use the integrated ABS setting in the Tuning Menu in this game. I set ABS and SHO to 100 so that the vibration motors should rumble when i brake at 100%. And so far it worked quite well in other games but in F1 2019 this setting seems to be overwritten by the game but there is no vibration in F1 2019 that comes from the game itself in every driving situation.

    Clubsport Formula V2 F1 2018 LE, CSL Elite Base PS4 Version, CSL Elite Pedals LC
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    ????‍♂️????‍♂️????‍♂️ Probably a pc user, but maybe a variant sequence wil work? I wanna say it was intermittent on iracing too, but i dont pc race enough, only a few times. Currently i have to do this for abs to work on all titles and redo every time i switch titles
  • It's like that in Project CARS 2 and RaceRoom too, it's probably the game that doesn't support Break Rumble
  • The abs rumble is controlled by the distance the pedal travels, should always work if on and adjustable in the tuning menu under abs. Not sure why it works this way, nor does tech support. i have gone round n round with them at times for various reasons. Always the same, they blame the game developers, the game developers blame them. Im all fired now because there's no excuse as they are the sponsor and my purchase was astronomically expensive enough i feel all this should not be an issue
  • I was just downstairs streaming senna prost stuff and totally had it working
  • Here are some Things I found out.

    1. In General Rumble Motor works. but if the brake pedal is pressed you cannot feel the rumble above 40% of the pedal way. It seems to be an harware issue. Strenght of the pedal presure influences the Rumble Feeling.

    2. If the ABS Setting in Tuning menue is set e.g. to 25% and you turn on ABS in F1 2019 PC game, you can feel the Rumble on the brake pedal. 

    3. If you turn off ABS in F1 2019 PC game, wheels are Blocking without rumbling the pedal.

    So all works for technical aspects but not very well from construction. No car will habe ABS on 25% of the brake force. And if it is set to nearly 100% in Tuning menue, you cannot feel the rumbling due to Hardware limitations. (Strength of the pedal itself)

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    Eh, that why it says user preference in the suggested settings. I run mine in the 90 range and its adequate as im by no means a f1 driver, so what do i know from aside my equipment works as i expect? The proper settings are a dark area where you ,your foot, brain and butt have to come up with a compromise on what works best for all involved
  • It's like that in Project CARS 2 and RaceRoom too, it's probably the game that doesn't support Break Rumble

    "Brake" rumble works just fine in Project Cars 2.
  • Has anyone gotten this to work on PC?  I saw that fanalab is supposed to be able to enable vibration support to the pedals even if it is NOT supported in the game.  I haven't had a chance to try through fanalab yet
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