Double VAT applied to US store?

Hi there,

I was thinking of buying from Fanatec for the first time and not sure if what I'm experiencing is an expected behavior.

I check the product information, it shows the price as "incl. VAT" but as soon as I put it in the cart, the new prices shows up with additional 9.25% applied.

I did some search and found the other thread from this forum:

I think this is exactly my situation but the fact that he had to walk away from Fanatec altogether instead of getting the problem solved worries me.

I'm here wanting to buy my first ever racing sim gears and I want to make the move quick so that if I choose not to buy from Fanatec I still have some Black Friday deals out there.

For your information, here are the products I'm planning to buy:

CSL Elite Wheel Base + - officially licensed for PS4(tm)

  • $399.95 (incl. VAT it says) on product page.
  • $436.94 in cart.

ClubSport Steering Wheel Formular Carbon

  • $299.95 (incl. VAT it says) on product page.
  • $327.70 in cart.

CSL Elite Pedals

  • $99.95 (incl. VAT it says) on product page.
  • $109.19 in cart.

Total should be $799.85.

If additional 9.25% is applied, it should be $873.83; this number is shown in cart.

The number shown on top right corner in shop page is $734.32; I have no idea where this number came from.

I live in CA, FYI.


  • Weird, it’s not showing additional charge for me. I even put in the same items as your list. They still need to fix their math based on regions.

    The only thing holding me back is that we’re (US) being charged for VAT.

    The Xbox one competition pack is 799 for USD and Euros. It even shows the non-vat price of 692.40 USD in cart but still charge you for 800 instead.

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    Thank you for sharing your case Tai.

    I'm a little confused here. So are we being charged for additional VAT to the price shown on product description and it is normal?

    I am not sure if the price I'm seeing in cart is right and the price on product description page is misleading by saying it already includes VAT, or I am charged for additional money on top of fair price.

    I thought it was the latter because if I don't log in, I see the "right" price.

    As soon as I log in, the price goes up in the cart while a wrong total is shown on the top right corner of the page.

    I'm putting some screenshots here. For Xbox One Competition Pack, I was charged for total of $897.82.

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    That’s crazy, I’m not getting that extra charge in the summary.

    Like in this image for example, the bundle is priced for $1444.95 but it’ll explicitly states the price without VAT is $1241.09. But I’m in Alabama, so our prices varies based on our location.

    The second attachment will show our price difference on the Xbox one competition package. It’s crazy you’re getting extra charge on the price, I would just wait it out until they fix their website, especially how it’s routing traffic based on location. In fact, 1/3 times I get redirected to their eu website.

    Edit: Also to be fair, they did give a heads up about the issue.

  • Again, thank you so much. Now I know what I'm seeing is not right.

    You mentioned your location so I tried changing my state without changing an actual address (not even ZIP code,) and wow, it showed proper price!

    If I change the state back to California, all wrong again.

    I guess now I need to wait for Fanatec team to look into this.

    It'd be great if any of the team member can comment on this; if the company acknowledged the issue, what's the expected time window to solve the problem, etc.

    Thank you in advance.

  • It actually appears to be a California sales tax thing.

    I'd still love to get any official comment on this, especially because numbers appeared to be just wrong in some cases. Haven't been hearing anything from the company for days since I contacted them.

  • I received a message from Fanatec and posting it here for your information.

    Please be aware that our californian customers pay 9.25% sales tax as our warehouse is located in California.

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