Huge Upgrade for your Podium DD! Much more fidelity and faster response



  • Fair enough, but I think most of us would rather have the wheel earlier and play with the legacy mode for a few days, then using the ITM when it is ready. 😅

  • ...wie lang dauert es bis die Empfehlung/Seite/Einstellungen

    für DD1 usw. aktualisiert wird?

  • you can use the same settings with the default values of the new features as the new default values of the new features were made to fit the existing recommended settings very well.

  • I'm sure all of our orders will be upgraded to the fastest UPS service due to the delay ;)

  • Thomas, sometimes it's wiser to apologise, even if you don't mean it. When a company with a history of missed delivery dates misses another delivery date, I think that is one of those times. Delaying shipping by four days right before xmas because the software is not ready is not a good idea. Ship now and then work on the software - it makes sense. UPS will be busy and many of these shipments will doubtless be delayed - even my order at the end of November was delayed due to UPS backlogs. Your actions are making a bad situation worse.

  • Added FanaLab V1.23 with it I added FFB INT = 1. All others I did not change. However now the Dallara F3 drive is exceptional. 😁 Also the hairpins require less steering input and is much to my liking. 😍

  • Neil FarrenNeil Farren Member
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    And those who already paid for express shipping will get it refunded!

  • Refunds from Fanatec? But they've already spent your money! A voucher for a future purchase perhaps?

  • I would more ofton than not be a silent observer in these blog posts but it irritates me to no end that this blog post that is supposed to be about the new DD driver update has been taken over by those that are "Dissapointed" by a small delay in the shipment of the porshe wheels. I understand the how this could effect peoples holiday but based on past experience I don't think it would have mattered what Fanatec did people would have been mad. Need I remind you all that some of those that pre ordered the DD wheel bases had a 4 "Month" delay. Currently there are quite a few people that have stated to ship the wheel first and do software later. That would be fine except I can pretty much say with the utmost of certinty that there would have been an equal amount of people saying that they were mad because an "Incomplete" product was shipped. I understand that you paid your hard earned money for a product, and while yes the communication could have been better you also need to keep in mind that the situation could be much worse. Stuff Happens and it cant be changed or helped and that goes double for the manufacturing industry.

  • Still would like to see the DD! fan speed and temperature added to the "FANATEC Podium Wheel Base DD1" Game Controllers.

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    I just got into SIM racing about a year ago and only found this forum about a month ago. I am shocked at how the sim racing community acts, this is a tough crowd, really a bunch of unreasonable complainers. First they literally complain because Fanatec wouldnt give their stuff away on BF, people were actually naming their price and Now the world has ended by a 4 day delay...4 days...somebody in the forum actually complained that it was 4 days less he gets to use his wheel...really! Fanatec is horrible...just horrible.

    Expecting something to be under the tree with a preorder of Dec 16 was always pushing your luck. Here is a tip...stop doing preorders!

  • Where is the FEI setting gone?

    It does not show in the Menu anymore...

  • Neil FarrenNeil Farren Member
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    This is the third product in a row that I have had a delay with. So please, don't tell me how I should feel.

    The reason I posted in this thread was because Thomas was so happy to share the wonderful news of these improvements to the firmware and software whilst simultaneously failing to acknowledge the bad news of the delay to the new Porsche rim. And add to that I posted in the dedicated Porsche thread on 13 December asking if the delay was for all wheels or just new orders. That was ignored.

    So if you have to blame anyone for such posts in this thread blame Thomas and Fanatec. This could have been avoided if they had communicated better, once again.

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    Well... I tried new drivers too.

    I have DD2 with Formula v2 (waiting new Porsche). I don't like 335 drivers, like 345 and like 346 a lot. I play in iRacing in 99% times, and spent many time to tune DD2 for it, for every cars. As I say, I like 346 a lot. (But have some small issues, which didn't worry me much.) I don't use Fanalab because I think it's only spoiling FFB.

    New driver and firmware... It's completely different and I don't like it at all. I spent 1 hour to tune it again - no, I could not return 346 feelings. No tires friction sense at all, no weight transfer sense, It doesn't feels as connected to front wheels of car, it's doesn't feels as car at all. It's a boat or airplain or I don't know...

    >Also the rotation is very noisy now.

    Yes. Noisy and light and slow in one time.

  • Chapeau, Fanatec! Absolutely amazing software update. It's crazy how much more details i feel with my DD2.

  • Aaron ScottAaron Scott Member
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    what this guy said, its good for DD, really good! as long as you use the proper settings for FFB INT.

    i used it back to back and its a measurable improvement over V346 , with the FFB INT at 0 its total GARBAGE and as described by some users who dont like it.

    However, use the reccomended settings for the FFB INT with your preferred base settings and its the most detailed and rich ffb experience i have ever felt.

    I swear i could feel the bumps nearest to the armco barrier in Dirt Rally 2.0 FIA Rallycross as i challenged the apex!

    Not sure how it effects v2.5 or CSL users but if uou DD you should run this.

    Also note that the tuning menu order in your base has been drastically rearranged, use care in adding your settings if you're doing it manually and extra care if you're loading via fanalab as there are special instructions for that process.

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    Well, I found settings for 352 and spent another 3hr in iRacing with Formula Renault on SPA, switching between 352 and 346 (with full set - firmware update, calibration and so on).


    1) It's complitly different bases with compliutley different settings (from Max Force Slider in iRacind to FFB % in DD2)

    2) 352 more detailed - yes. Kerbs and so on hits stronger.

    3) Front wheel angle feels much more clear in 346 (grip a bit better, but angle of wheel much more worse in 352). "Zero" of wheel in 352 is bad... on Raidillon de l'Eau Rouge in 352 only 5 Nm!!!, on 346 10+Nm.

    4) Oversteer feels much more stronger and faster on 346

    5) 346 feels much more natural, like a race car steering… 352 feels like computer game controller.

    6) Weigth of tires (on bumps, hills, gradient of surface etc) feels much more stronger on 346

    As result, I'm a bit faster and MUCH more stable on 346. In 352 - a lot of spins, in a 346 - zero. Information about start of sliding of rear tires come too late and it very weak and muddy. Power slip much more controllable in 346, lift off oversteer - too.

  • Can someone please check if their FEI Setting is gone too?


  • Even when it's clear that everybody has it's own opinion, it is quite obvious to me that there is something wrong with the latest beta driver.

    Some users reports that the new driver offers an incredible amount of fidelity. For me it is exactly the opposite. I have tested various settings, but did not find any good result at all. In addition my sensitivity setting is now completely off.

    I think that there is a bug in the latest driver which will effect some users. Those who are affected, do not understand the positive feedback from the users which are not affected. I hope that developers will take a closer look into this.

  • Hi Daniel, if you're using a DD the FEI setting is after the Interpolation setting. FEI isn't gone.

  • Aaron ScottAaron Scott Member
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    this is a strong possibility, i have also said this about peripheral add ons too. At least in the scenario where they have to be detected and then auto-calibrate.(like ps4)

    i have terrible time with my shifter, handbrake and occasionally pedals too, anything hooked up thru rj12. The rj12 is the common, not being detected is whats happening, so no calibration or they are uncalibrating, then i have to disconnect and reconnect till they are read properly and they calibrate.

    More than likely, in the case of these updates though and the regular murderers row of issues ? i believe this is a armchair interface error. its a very complicated update process, not to mention scouring the drives to make sure everything old driver related is deleted and fanalabs is really more problematic, its so bright and flashy.

    i dont envy pc users having to use both in their beta forms as it seems 1 thing after another.

    why aren't these programs combined or is that something else thats 10 months out?

    for myself, As a ps4 user, my use of Fanalabs is overpowered by my old school "engineering skills". by that i mean making pencil notes, like a "check list " i can see with my eye to my brain.

    I use this "check list" to make sure ive completely done all the proper dance moves for a proper party and im usually happy or something like that.

  • Ok, I found settings for iRacing.

    LIN should be OFF !!

    NDP - Natural Damper - 15..25

    NFR - Natural Friction - 0..5 (max 10)

    NIN - Natural Inertia - 0..2

    INT - FFB Interpolation - 3..4

    It's informative enough

    But still 346 more natural with some cases. And in 346 I use higher NDP and NFR and they add naturalness, in 352 any increase of NDP, NFR, NIN, INT makes a wheel sluggish, and I'm losing grip sense.

  • Youness AmalYouness Amal Member
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    Just test the new firmware with your recommanded setup with my DD2. LIN OFF has mentionned.

    Iracing in FR3.5 at Laguna Seca -> excellent job guys!!! It was awesome, you have pump my wheel as never. The feeling in each corner was pleasurable.

    Thank you to your team.

  • so lets talk about the button box, so does this work off of a UDP signal like project cars 2 or f1 2019 already uses or are we waiting for new coding to be added to titles for this to be used outside of legacy mode?

    I know its been mentioned that fanatec has sent out sdk and hardware to developers, but what are they or is in development at this point?

    I bring this up because ac, pc2, f12019 and gt sport all have some type of tire temperature and degradation models and a couple also already have UDP support?

    Maybe this will lighten the mood here?

  • You will need to have FanaLab running in the background for now to get the Intelligent Telemetry Mode working until games implement their own way natively.

  • so it operates from a signal from the base and not the revolutionary wireless data transmission, im just looking for some clarity?

  • Hello,

    Are you guys at Fanatec gonna update the recommended settings for the various games to match the new beta drivers ?


  • The new features have default settings which work right out of the box with all previously posted recommended settings.

  • If you read the forums, and see that a large number of "good children" will not receive "their toys" in time for placing them under a Christmas tree, then you will see the amount of upset customers you have provoked this holiday with careless tweets and posts. They wish to call you a

    1) "Liar"

    2) "Cheat"

    And other inappropriate names I am sure. Do you have a rebuttal sir?

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