Where is support? Over 36 hours with products in shopping cart!!!

I posted a thread about the confusing/incorrect amounts in my shopping cart when trying to check out.

Before I posted in these forums I sent a message to [email protected]

It has been over 36 hours now with not one single person from Fanatec is trying to resolve my issues.

I’ve never had a time in my whole life where I wanted to purchase something, and had the company I wanted to purchase from not respond and try to help me.

Im pretty patient, and I would like to buy the products in my shopping cart, but this is beyond ridiculous. I’m guessing this is a mom and pop company, because no other type of company would let sales sit in checkout for over 36 hours without getting off their backsides and helping out.

if your company has forums then it is your responsibility to monitor the forums and take care of your customers needs!

If you have an email for customers, then it is your responsibility to answer the emails !

if a customer has thousands of dollars in your checkout system, then it is your responsibility to get that order checked out ASAP, not 3 or 4 days later!


  • Aaron ScottAaron Scott Member
    edited January 2020

    I feel your pain, I have unanswered questions from the Web shop and sales team for months now. Been trying to buy a damper for my pedals ,but they can't seem to answer any questions about them , I'm not buying anything else right now.

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Hi Maxx, according to our system, the message you sent to the webshop email has the timestamp 22.01.2020 16:36. You received a reply from the sales team with the timestamp 23.01.2020 09:50. I replied to your original thread earlier today. I apologise for the delay.

  • Fanatec has more than a few issues with their customer support.

    I just bought a Wheel Base, Elite wheel, and pedals. I used it once, worked great, and then a week later it had that issue where it cannot calibrate and it turns out the wheel sensor is defective. Now I have to send it in for RMA, less than two weeks after opening the box and only the second time using it. HERE IS A WARNING FOR CANADIANS! If you have to send it in for RMA to the USA they will let you have the fantastic privilege of paying to get it back again once it crosses the border from the USA back into Canada.

    A malfunctioning product almost straight out of the box with a well-known defective component but you get to shell out even more money to get it fixed. Nothing is ever perfect and shit happens, but seriously?! This is like finding a dead mouse in your meal and then you have to pay a nominal fee to get the waiter to bring a replacement meal to your table. WTF!

    Slow clap for customer service...

  • Take everything out of your cart and remove your payment method. You're about to make a big mistake as so many of us have. Hurry!!!!

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