CSW 2.5 button mapping issues

I am having a problem with CSW2.5. I also have a CSL Elite P1 Xbox wheel and Clubsport v3 pedals, and it is all being used on PC. Everything has been working fine since i set it up in early January, but last night when i loaded iracing, i noticed that the paddles were no longer working. I went into the options to reconfigure the controls, and when i try to assign the right paddle to upshift, it also registers about 3 or 4 other buttons on the wheel as being pressed when i use the right paddle. I went into the Fanatec properties in windows and i am seeing the same behaviour there - when i pull the right shifter, a bunch of other buttons on the wheel are being shown as pressed as well. Same for the left shifter and every other button on the wheel.

Also, pedal inputs no longer seem to work correctly in iracing. The throttle works fine, but both the break and clutch are set to 100% input at all times, and pressing the pedals doesn't change that. I've reconfigured the pedals a bunch of times in iracing but it makes no difference. The pedal inputs do appear to be working correctly in the fanatec properties in windows however (i.e., they are at 0% by default and show 100% when the pedals are fully depressed).

Help please.



  • I'd do a clean install of v347 driver start from there. Just remember to uninstall the old driver 1st then reboot PC then install the new driver

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