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Please help us to spread the word about our products and receive a steady income with the orders you generated.

This program is for all website owners, racing teams, clans, leagues, forums, blogs, webshops, media etc.

This is how it works:

  1. Sign up as an affiliate partner
  2. Select one of our banners or create your own
  3. Copy the HTML code provided by our system to your website
  4. If a customers clicks on the banner and orders a product within 60 days in our webshop, you will earn a commission
  5. You will get a monthy payment of your commissions for all products which have been sold and shipped

There are many such programs out there but these are the reasons why our program fits better to you:

High commission rates

Our basic commission is already 10% of net sales and there will be an additional bonus of up to 10% per product. On top of that you get a bonus depending on your monthly sales performance of up to 10% which makes a minimum of 10% and a maximum of 30% on our net sales. If a customer places an order  of 500 USD you can earn a commission of up to 150 USD on that single order!

Unique products

Many of our products are sold exclusively in our web shop and there will be no alternative sourc. If one of your visitory wants this product he has to buy it in our shop and you will get your commission.

Best prices only in our shop

Other programs have the problem that the visitor will be linked to a shop but then he is looking for a cheaper alternative and buys there.  This will be not possible as our prices are strictly controlled.

Recruit other affiliate partners and  let them work for you

If you acquire a new affiliate partner and he enters your partner ID during sign up then you will automatically earn 10% of his commissions for a full year without doing anything.

You can use the banners we provide but you can also create your own banners in any size.

The most effective way to generate sales is to create a product description and a "buy now" button which is linked directly to our website.

Commission structure

Base commission for all sales*



Commission for all sales made by an recruited affiliate*



Extra bonus for monthly sales (USD or €)*















Product bonus*

ClubSport Pedals USB



Porsche 911 Turbo S EU



Porsche 911 Turbo S US



RennSport Wheel Stand



*All rates are subject to change


Important notes:

A) Due to technical reasons we have two different webshops:

USA/Canada and EU/ rest of the world

If you have website sitors of both regions you need to register in both shops for the affiliate program.

An EU Banner only works for EU customers and an US banner only works for US customers. We hope to change that very soon so it will be more convenient.

B) Please leave the field "Affilliate ID - I was recommended by:" empty if you do not have the ID of an existing affilliate partner

C) Due to technical reasons it is not possible to select "USA" in the EU shop. Please select any other country until we solved this problem. Similar problem if you are from the EU and try to register in the US shop.

Let's start and earn some money:

EU affiliate program:

US affiliate program:


  • Since the launch of the new Fanatec website I have no idea on how to log into my affiliate page.

    Please show me how.

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