Trying to place order, but website won't let me pay.

Anyone else having issues trying to place an order through the US website? For the past week, every time I select Paypal, it gives me an "Error with payment" message. If I try to pay with my debit/credit card, it says "Payment refused" . Both of my accounts are in good standing, and work on other sites so there shouldn't be a problem with either. I've tried from 2 different computers and my phone, and the same thing happens. Even made 2 new Fanatec accounts and had no luck. It started last week when trying to buy a set of V3 pedals (when they were in stock), now I just want to buy the Clubsport USB adapter before that sells out, and I can't even do that. Iv'e purchased from Fanatec before, so I'm at a loss as to why it's happening now. If anyone from Fanatec could help me straighten this out so I can give you some more of my money, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!


  • Customers have been having this same issue since January. I don't think it's a problem on your end but from the webstore checkout end. The webstore needs some medicine IMO. Best bet is to contact customer service or hopefully a rep may see this and contact you to try and resolve. Best of luck.

  • I too am unable to pay. usa website, sometimes it gives a message in another language when I click the final part of payment after choosing shipping message. It just takes me back to the beginning of the process step one before completing my order. I at first was scared they charged my card multiple times but it does not appear so yet, as my account tells me I have never ordered anything. Just ordered from new egg no problem so I don't think its my card or anything.

  • Ok, thank you both for the update. I'm glad to hear it's not only me having issues, but its also too bad and I hope Fanatec can fix the issue soon.

  • Anyone has any idea about this information on the DD1 and DD2 bases? Pre-orders? Availability only for june?

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