DD1 brand new - trouble

Hi all, this is my first DD1 wheel i just received today. I have installed everything correctly, step by step all the calibration and firmware updates.

My main sim is iRacing

After driving for a couple of minutes, i hit a curb with very good speed, and i heard like wheel got disconneted from Windows and reconnected after like 2 seconds, but obviously i went directly to the wall.

These are my complete settings, any help would be much appreciated!

PC Driver 356

WB FW: 670

SW FW: 28

I'm not using Fanalab just the Tuning menu


  • I will try what Marcel suggest here and i'll report back! https://forum.fanatec.com/discussion/1865/symptom-podium-wheel-base-briefly-losing-resistance-potential-bug/

    Thanks for all the suggestions

  • Use v346 instead of v356, which is still a Beta and you won't have any problems. This is a stable and complete version recommended by Fanatec Support. It has a few less features, but very stable and you can fine tune it well.

  • Thanks Hans! I don't want to go back to older drivers. Anyway i changed the USB power management inside Device Manager, see my post above for the link, thanks to Marcel's suggestion, and so far so good. Finger crossed

  • No problem Rocco. Let me know how you go as I'd like to eventually go back to the 356, but my DD1 bricked and had to be replaced.

    It may not have anything to do with using a beta like 356 or Fanalab, but this can't be proven yet. So far I've had no problems, as I don't use Fanalab, and I don't really see any value in it.

  • Hi all! i want to chime in again in this thread to say that after almost 1 month of usage, disconnetting problem is disappeared ( finger crossed ).

    I followed this thread and specifically Marcel Pfister's suggestion https://forum.fanatec.com/discussion/1865/symptom-podium-wheel-base-briefly-losing-resistance-potential-bug/ Device Manager > Human Interface Devices > USB Input Device etc...

    Another thing to note is that i did not change anything on wheel's side ( drivers firmware etc. all the same as the first time ), ONLY thing i changed was reducing drastically the FF to 30 and adjusting by consequence the force feedback on iracing. To be honest i can drive the wheel with 100FF for only 2 laps after that it's too hard work to keep good laptimes and don't be tired, arms and shoulder hurts and i'm an athlete... I want to be competitive and to be honest, at least on my point of view, driving with FF over 50 with iRacing force feedback accordingly to not reach the clipping, is definetely an incredible experience and it does help for sure controlling the car better and feeling all the details, BUT doing good laptimes it does not, because it gets you tired early and especially when you start hitting curbs, when you are in corners and stuff like that, it's so difficult because of the forces that you almost don't want to hit any curbs at all.

    I 'm saying this because i don't know if my problem was fixed because of USB power stuff adjustment, or because i reduced the FF on the wheel so this requieres less power&less data trough the USB port.

    The wheel by the way is really really nice and i enjoy it a lot. I would like that Fanatec would insert in the next drivers, something like Simucube 2 called "Static Force Adjustment" , that reduces forces in corners only by a % decided by the driver, this would be a game changer!

    Thanks FANATEC keep it up!

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