I think I'm getting scammed by fanatec

I ordered on the 13th, availability said august 7th for the LC pedal everything else was available, checked today, now nothing is available until OCTOBER 15th and the LC pedal DECEMBER 1899?!?!?!??! (what does that even mean?!)

WHAT THE [email protected]#*

looking in the forums it seems this is common and I probably will never get my order, but they took my money, could someone from fanatec reply please?


  • You're not getting scammed. The item is back ordered, everyone who places their order will eventually receive it. If you have a bulk order they will only ship everything when everything is in stock unless you ask them specifically to ship the items separately.

    I had the similar outrage when I had to wait a month for my products but I did receive them, and so did everyone else who placed an order if you searched the posts.

    Generally only one person from Fanatec will reply on the forum and they're insanely busy helping others (but they're insanely helpful as well), if you placed an order or have been on the forum for over a week they'd let you know to reach out to Customer Service but they can take a week or two to respond.

  • thanks. it does seem like it, stuff that was available is now back ordered another 2 months, weeks after my order was placed and the item that was supposed to be available next week says December 1899? I keep seeing on these forums about the infinite loop people get stuck in. I was hoping the title would get fanatec attention, because it does look/feel like a scam.

    hopefully it doesnt really take 2 months as my current rig is dead due to broken gas pedal and I cant race atm

  • Sorry Christopher, this does sound like a bummer, I would suggest contacting customer service to see if they can either cancel the order, or do a partial shipment of what is in stock (if that makes sense - you might need a certain minimum of components to make the order make sense)

    If they cancel and you decide to re-order, A friend and I have had GREAT experiences by selecting only in stock items, and choosing 2nd day shipping. Between the two of us, each order we've placed this way arrived in under a week, in a few cases orders we placed early in the week were here on Friday of the same week.

    Also, don't fret the 1899 thing - It seems they update the availability a few times a week - something will show out of stock, then they'll find more, then out of stock again, etc. That said those Load cells have been out for a long time... If you're ordering pedals from scratch consider the clubsport v3 instead of the CSL- I think those are in stock at the moment...

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    Jack. You seem to be Fanatec's defacto spokesperson making frequent positive comments on their behalf. Perhaps you can explain why the website continues to advertise the CSW Forza bundle as available on 21 August, when for the last week my order, payed for on 2 July has been showing as available on 17 September?

    Please explain why Fanatec continues to advertise product to new customers with an availability date almost a full month ahead of that given to an existing customer who has been already waiting for over a month, and for whom the original advertised availability date, which informed their purchasing decision, has already come and gone?

    Come on Jack. You have responded positively on Fanatec's behalf so many times recently in this forum. Can you answer this question? And when you've done that,can you tell me why my order's availability date has been pushed back, three times, by almost two months, without any information, communication or excuse? Tell me why there has not been a single status update from Fanatec since April?

  • and my items show as available to ship on the website now. come on fanatic...

  • ps.

    not in my order, just on the website. are they advertising stock they do not have?

  • Their website sucks, they know it sucks, they've mentioned switching support vendors which would indicate that they outsource the website and details to a third party. It's possible that the website doesn't integrate with their inventory database which would further throw a wrench into whether or not the manufacturer runs into any delays or any sort of shipping delay to/fro since everything's manufactured in China and might get delayed with customs.

    I'm not downplaying the disappointment, it sucks, but realistically Fanatec is a small company that was functioning well prior to the pandemic and weren't ready to scale to the size of new customers (like you and me). I'm in the same boat, I ordered a Load Cell Pedal a number of weeks ago and it got pushed to August 31st. It's still a bummer but with all of the money I've spent with Fanatec (and putting some of their children through college), while disappointed with wait times, I've never been disappointed with the end product. The end product has always outweighed the waiting time in my eyes.

  • No one is complaining about the Fanatec products. It's their terrible customer service and the overall way they run their business, at least in North America. They have zero respect for their customers, especially once they have your money. By far the worst company I have ever dealt with.

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