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  • Only if you only click to load LEDs and no Tuning Menu and other stuff, yes

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    Same issue as Michael but different hw and platform. All other functionality is fine but speed appears to be stuck at 000.

    -CSW 2.5 Driver 372

    -Steering Wheel firmware 13 (PBME)


    Was working in the previous version of fanalab.

  • try setting fanalab too kmh mine also has this problem if i put it in mph.

  • i cant get the Brf to work. like at all. if i close down fanalab its ok but if i turn on fanalab again its back to squere one

  • i just updated and installed new driver and firmware. everything works fine and as described. it only took me once. i read instructions several times over. did everything exactly like described. one continued satisfied customer

    CSL e WB+ ps4

    csl elite wheel

    csl elite pedals w LC

    shifter and handbrake.

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    Can someone explain why the Linear option is not On in Fanalab’s default profile for DD drives?

    Isn’t linearity a good thing and makes the car more predictable?

    Do most people leave it off ?

  • Yes, most people leave it off, it reduces overall Peak force.

  • Maurice, thanks for your profiles. But it seems that I am too dumb to calculate it over to the DD1.

    As a example the iRacing Profile for Ferrari 488 GTE.

    The overall strength is set to 85 percent. Your setting means 60/21

    Is this formula correct 60/0,85 and 20*0,85 So in the end I have to set 71/17 in iRacing?

  • No.

    To adapt to DD1 you have to increase FF (and if you exceed FF 100 then lowering the Max Force value).

    For the 488 GTE in iRacing I use FF 85 (=21,25Nm because 85x0,25).

    This would result in 17Nm on a DD1 (because 85x0,20).

    Now you have to see how to get to 21Nm and you will see that a DD1 is 20Nm Max, so sett FF to 100 and then DECREASE Max Force value, not increasing to around 55 or so (for that there is no formula).

    Its easier for profiles where you dont exceed FF100, so for example the M8 GTE profile which I have saved with FF 60 (=15Nm because 60 x 0,25). This would be 12Nm on a DD1 (because 60 x 0,20) so to get the same 15Nm Peaks you have to set FF to 75 (because 75 x 0,20).

  • Ah, so I can use the settings ingame as you have named them. There are no changes, right?

  • Partially right.

    First you have to see if you can get to the same Peak Torque with adjusting the FF.

    If not possible (because you obviously can't go higher than FF100) then you need to decrease the max force value in iRacing a bit to make FFB stronger.

  • Ok, understood. Many thanks for your hard work!

  • Just want to say that Fanatec did a great job with this new software and the latest driver. No major headaches so far 🤞and lots of fixes. Great job 👍

  • Weren't we supposed to get a LED brightness adjustment with this version of Fanalab? I'd love to make the LEDs on my Formula V2 quite a bit brighter. Is this adjustment still coming (eventually)?

  • No, this was never promised to be included in this version.

  • Can you have multiple versions of fanalab installed at the same time?

    I’ve been on 1.24 and and v356 on a DD1 with HE Ultimate pedals. I haven’t upgraded in a long time because everything has been working smoothly. I didn’t want to break what didn’t need fixing.

    Now with all the changelog, I think I’m going to do the new driver and fanalab. I’m wondering if I am able to leave 1.24 installed as well in case I have issues and want to use the older version?

  • No, you can only have one version installed.

  • any update on the MPH reading 000? KPH works fine.

  • Good day. I’m not able to change my sensitivity settings in the Fanalab tuning menu of the software Or change the set up index I can change it on the wheel it’s like that function is not being communicated to the software it s communicates with the driver software but not Fanalab so I’m not able to save any settings in Fanalab

    dd1 wheel base

    elite pedals connected to pc

    club sport steering wheel black driver 372 / Wheelbase fw 674 /motor fw 40 / quick release fw 6

    Windows 10 /64 followed boosted media YouTube instructions and uninstalled and reinstalled drivers

  • On ITM number 4 on ACC - the car ahead and behind show -0.00s all the time?

    I have a DD1 and Formula V2 - anything I am doing wrong?

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    Car ahead and car behind is not supported by most games, basically only Project Cars and Automobilista support these values, ACC does not.

    For reference what’s supported in what game please have a look at the included Feature Support ITM PDF file.

  • OK fair enough- are LED brightness adjustments still on the eventual roadmap?

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    Yeah, it's on the feature Roadmap for the future (which does not mean next version... ^^)

  • I'm having an issue with the Tuning Menu in the new Fanalabs after updating drivers and firmwareon my v2.5. It isn't displaying any of the adjustable parameters (sliders), it's just blank. Can still use device properties or on wheel adjustment, so it's still usable. Just this single issue with Fanalabs. Have done a fresh install to no avail.

  • I just tried AMS2 w/ telemetry enabled, and the "wheel spin" LED pattern is on 100%... unless I induce actual wheel spin. In other words it seems inverted. I set both telemetry settings in AMS2 to "Project Cars 2" format, and set the UDP rate to the max (I think it's 9?). What am I doing wrong?

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