PBME and APM with Podium Hub or Universal Hub

** CSW 2.5 to PC with latest drivers and FW (674) - I understand that PBME compatibility with CSW 2.5 is "beta"

Trying to figure the best way of configuring my Turn R20 with APM within the Fanatec eco-system.

Few questions i would like to be doubly sure of before I spend any more money on things which are only partly compatible:

Is it true that my Podium Hub will only support the 6 buttons total - 2 button clusters?

If the answer to above is yes, then I may buy Clubsport R300 and swap out the bare rim for my Turn R20. Will the Universal Hub part of the bundle accept an APM - as my F1 2020 and Podium Hub have done? And will I definitely be able to use clutch bite point set, and will all of the buttons and controls be fully functional?

If "yes" above, and I decide to go the Universal Hub route for my R20 rim, then the plan would be to use a PBME with the R300 rim (I know the clearance is tight) on my Podium Hub with its APM. is there any restriction at all on what PBME input controls are supported, or what telemetry is received - given that I am attaching to CSW 2.5 and not DD?

Many thanks


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