anyone had any contact with support?

i bought a clubsport v2.5 back in july, had to wait about a month for it to even ship. Now a month and a half later after a hard hit into the wall on iRacing the motor has crapped out. The thing won't even turn on right and when you hold the power button you can hear a thumping sound coming from the motor. Also the wheel feels notchy and rough when you turn the shaft. Really not happy with how long I had to wait for it originally and how much use I got out of it. Put a ticket in Friday, still have no reply. Anybody had any luck?


  • Hi Cliff,

    Support tickets are backed up for a few days at the moment. Your ticket is on the system, I'm sure the team will get back to you soon.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • I've heard from them.

    Expect say 7 days from the time you requested the case until it's assigned to a person.

    After that point your communication with that person should be daily (ie if you send something to them, they'll respond the next day)

  • I emailed them yesterday regarding a question and received a response back this morning. I know that it can be hit or miss but it seems to me they're doing a lot better here lately with the responses

  • For me, calling them was much easier and a lot faster.

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