[Resolved] Fanatec clubsport handbrake V1.5 not working with xbox ,what am i doing wrong?

wassup guys and gals , just got my bundle from Fanatec ,installed everything and its working fine , but when i went to try the handbrake with Dirt Rally ,and couple more games ,it does not seem to be recognized by the console , i plugged it as per instructions (from the pedals (clubsport v3 to the hb) and nothing ,the tried using the spiltter from the Wb to hb and still no response , any help would be appreciated greatly


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    mapped in game? BTW - I don't plug mine into the pedals, I plug into the wheelbase, have you tried that?

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    Thanks Gary , it wont recognize the handbrake and disconnected from pedals and connected via splitter too ,but i guess i can try it again

  • Ok, so after all it was a mistake on my part , i was connecting the hb to the shifter ,so after rechecking everything i found out my huge mistake ,needless to say i switched the cables and "presto" everything's peechee again, thanks a lot Gary ,i probably would'nt have checked again ,

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