Thinking of upgrading to Fanatec from Logitec G29

Hi, I'm currently running GT Sport and AAC on the PS4 with a Logitech G29 wheel and am thinking of upgrading to the Fanatec CSL Elite wheel base and pedals with a Club Sport Formula Carbon wheel, my question is will I feel much of a difference in both the way the wheel talks back to you (FFB) and will the standard CSL Pedals in particular the break pedal feel any better than the G29 which just feels dead or do I also need to invest in the load cell option.

Its difficult to know what to get without actually trying it first so I'm looking for some "Real life" comparisons in helping me decide how best to spend the money.

Also not sure weather to go for the CSL Elite bundle (and standard round wheel) apart from the shape what difference will I see using the standard bundle wheel over the Club Sport Formula Carbon.

Sorry for all the questions.


  • Ok, so a little background first. I’m 36, and the last wheel/pedal set I purchased was probably around the age of 20. So.....needless to say technology has most definitely advanced. Anyway, I just recently purchased the CSL ELITE F1 bundle for the PS4. I know the long time between units makes for a hard comparison, but I was blown away by the quality of the Fanatec gear. The best way to explain in few words is that their products DO NOT feel feel like toys. The FFB is strong and solid. I would not consider myself a “sim racer” more just a gamer who likes realism. I play F1, GT Sport, AC, Dirt Rally 2.0, but not any iRacing. I do prefer more “sim” style games vs arcade, so I do have some pickiness in me. Honestly, I would recommend going ahead and getting the Load Cell no matter what version of pedals you get(save yourself the time). I am already looking to order one myself. As for the wheel itself, I would say to at least get yourself a round wheel also if you really want the formula wheel. I’ve found that driving other cars that are meant to have round wheels are hard to drive with the formula wheel(think about wheel rotation degrees). I know that last one is kind of a DUH thing, but it with something I slightly overlooked. So now I am also in the process of ordering a round wheel. Technically you can use the round wheel for GT and Formula style racing. So, just a matter of preference there. If you have any more questions, please ask. I will respond as quickly as possible, I know their products are not cheap so having a good understanding before you actually make the purchase is important.

  • Thanks for that Joshua, Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your view point) I used to do a lot of track driving in my daily job and so I'm keen to try and replicate the feeling you get through the pedals and steering of a real car on track as possible all be it within the confines of the PS4.

    I think your right in that ii need to dig deep and go for a Load Cell brake pedal.

    The formula wheel looks great and had the added advantage or rumble motors in the rim to help simulate ABS feedback which the stock CSL wheel does not have.

    Guess the bug question is do I go for the PS4 Bundle, Formula Wheel and load cell option as that way ii get a cheap round wheel as well.

    Daft question but do you have any idea of the shipping cost that Fanatec charge (shipping to the UK)

  • Hey mark, never a problem sir!! I most definitely agree about the cool factor and actual functionality of the rumble motors in the formula wheel. I personally like them. I do think that there is one round wheel in the club sport models that has rumble motors as well, but I wouldn’t necessarily consider it one of the cheap wheels. To be frank, when it comes to the pedals I probably am going to save up the money and just go ahead and purchase the V3 pedals instead of just the loadcell for the elite pedals, and just make that endgame for my pedals. For the steering wheel, like I said I got the F1 bundle, the round wheel that I decided to actually order was the WRC wheel. I have heard some very mixed opinions on the round wheel that comes with the regular bundle set. Mostly having to do with the quick release system on that wheel. So that kind of just put me off from that from the beginning. Now see I was able to save a little bit of money because I bought my F1 bundle on Black Friday so it was closer to the price of the regular PlayStation round wheel bundle which allowed me to order the WRC wheel and really not necessarily spend extra money. I am located here in the US(eye roll) So I don’t really have any knowledge on shipping and processing in or to the UK. The only speculation I can give you is when I did order on Black Friday I received my stuff fairly quickly and my last order that I placed for the WRC wheel was on the Dec 30th and I’m honestly not expecting to get it until at least next week maybe even the week after because of the week between Christmas and New Year’s. I feel like a lot of people had extreme high demands of orders being fulfilled during that week when honestly, I feel like Fanatec probably had that time off. Which in my opinion is reasonable.

  • Hey Joshua I'm gutted that I missed out on the CSL Formula deal, all sold out in Europe, Fanatec USA still have them in stock but wont ship to the UK, Guess ill wait till tomorrow when they should be back at work and make a decision then as to which way to go.

  • Obviously, a lot of this is subject to personal preference. I’m considered a small fellow, 5’8” 165, have owned sports cars, turbos and non, very few track days, mostly just fun country driving and the occasional speed run on public roads.....(do not condone). But, having only a PS4 and no no intentions of going to PC, I felt the CSL Base was the way to go. But.....if you’re looking for 1 to 1 realism then the DD Base and V3 Pedals are almost a must. For me, I don’t think it’s worth it on the PS4, but that is only my opinion. Not to mention the price difference.

  • Don't YOU WILL HATE THE CUSTOMER SERVICE! If you place an order the order will get processed but it might take several weeks or even more to get the order. Then trying to get a hold of customer service is like pulling FUCKING teeth! I swear I wish I had gone with another company!!!!!

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