Hello. I am new in this e-sim and got a complete setup with playseat and fanatec PODIUM RACING WHEEL FORMULA. But i have some trouble maybe someone can help me with?

When i turn the steering wheel in the F1 game, it wont turn the car a lot and i dont know where i setup the sensetivity so the car is going more right and left than it do now...

The other question is the force feedback... how much in the game schould i put it? I dont feel the force feedback a lot now, but i dont know if its in the F1 game i need to change or on the PC setup?

Thanks if someone can help me start with this so i can enjoy the game...


  • If you don't know how to access the tuning menu (which the little button right next to the OLED screen is for) you maybe should read the manual first to familiarize with the base and wheel you bought.

    Out of the box the wheel is on AUTO SEN, change that to something between 340-360 and you're good to go with the steering issue you have.

    FFB is purely subjective, but you could use Fanatec's recommended settings as a starting point:

    Podium Wheel Base DD1 / Podium Racing Wheel F1® PS4™

    Tuning Menu Settings:

    SEN 360

    FF 40


    NDP 10

    NFR 0

    NIN 0

    INT 3

    FEI 100

    FOR 100

    SPR 100*

    DPR 100*

    ABS User Preference

    SHO 100

    BRF User Preference

    *SPR has no effect, DPR is directly associated with the Wheel Damper in-game setting.

    In-Game Settings:

    Vibration & Force Feedback: On

    Vibration & Force Feedback Strength: 65

    On Track Effects: 10

    Rumblestrip Effects: 25

    Off Track Effects: 25

    Wheel Damper: 10

    Understeer Enhance: Off

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