rFactor 2 + DD1 problem.


I have the issue since a few Week's that my FFB goes weird its sound and it feel weird, that happen's mostly when i switch to Desktop or do something on my second Monitor while driving... it is not the case everytime, but like all 5-10 times randomly . To fix i have to close the Full Game and start it again ( rF2 FFB reset didn't help also) I have that only on rF2 i test on iRacing there its fine,  It's a combo of the Game and Software not being in sync ?!

Drivers (testet 400&402) Firmware als up to date (684) Motor (40)

I have already reset profils and delete & re-install Fanatec Software and rFactor2 and sadly don't !

i don't use fanalabs

so i write it here in this Forum and hope for any help :-)

Listen to the sound from my little Video!


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