CSL Elite Issue

Has anyone had the CSL Elite PS4 force feedback stop working randomly while in a race? No lights on wheel or no force feed back. Then the lights come back on, and the wheel goes to full lock and starts shaking against the lock violently. Any help would be appreciated.


  • if you're playing on PC and the base comes back to life after a few seconds, it could be an USB issue.

    Can you please try two things:

    1. try a different USB port
    2. disable USB power saving in windows
  • I'm on PS4. I've tested all usb ports on the ps4 system. Thanks for your reply.

  • My CSL Elite just did something similar today in a warm up lap before race B GT Sport, My ffb just suddenly vanished. I can feel a very slight vibration like the motor is trying to turn but has no torque. I turned it off unplugged everything removed the rim opened it up and everything looks to be ok put it back together, put it back on the rig plugged it into laptop checked updates they are all the latest checked ffb function etc. Plugged it into ps turned it all on and it worked for one lap than same ffb dropped out no torque. Starting to think the motor is f#*=‘d!! Anyone have any ideas?


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