DD2 PC vs v2.5 Comp Mode

I've been working on settings for games that aren't natively supported by Fanalab or where I'm not having much luck finding Fanatec recommended settings. Specifically WRC 9, Nascar Heat 5 and Wreckfest. I've been running them in PC mode and everything seems to work fine, however I was curious what is the difference between the two modes and are there any advantages to using one over the other. I don't use telemetry or anything like that very much so losing that functionality isn't that big a concern. Any insight is appreciated.

Thank you.

Jim Nasium


  • There is no difference other than that in Comp mode the base tells the game it is another wheel base.

    So you only need to use it in older games that do not recognize your base when in normal PC mode.

  • Thanks. Can I ask another question along a similar line. I've been testing various settings for a few games including Wreckfest and they all seem to act the same. When you first look at the settings you would think, this is nuts, how can you even handle the car, but much to my surprise it handles quite nicely and you feel all the textures in the track, when you crash it's not a violent crash. There is some oscillation in the wheel that I'm trying to eliminate but beyond that they feel really nice.

    These are the settings I used in the past.

    DD2 & R300 Podium wheel

    PC Mode (373,674,40,3)

    SEN 540

    FF 49

    LIN Off

    NDP 14

    NFR 9

    NIN Off

    INT Off

    FEI 80

    FOR 90

    SPR 90

    DPR 90

    BLI - Off (my pedals don't support this)

    SHO - Off (the R300 wheel doesn't support this)

    The settings I use now, as you can see FF is up and FEI/SPR much lower.

    PC Mode (402, 684, 40)

    SEN 540

    FF 91

    LIN On

    NDP 11

    NFR 6

    NIN Off

    Int Off

    FEI 10

    FOR 60

    SPR 10

    DPR 40

    BLI Off

    SHO Off

    In-game Settings

    Force Feedback 80

    Steering Deadzone 0

    Steering Saturation 66

    Steering Sensitivity -18

    Rest is for Sprint Pedal Sims.

    This is pure speculation on my part, but it happens to be the same for Nascar Heat 5 and WRC.

    When I have FEI and SPR at higher values it feels like there are marbles rolling around inside the wheelbase, I don't feel any texture in the road, crashes are extremely violent. If I lower FEI and SPR the rattling disappears and I can feel the textures in the road, new sounds appear, I don't feel like I'm going to break an arm when I crash.

    My thinking is these games weren't developed for high torque systems like a DD2 and you have to drop these signals to a minimum. FEI, to eliminate rattling sound in the wheelbase and SPR to help eliminate Oscillation in the wheel. Using low values for FEI and SPR allows me to increase FF in-game and in wheel properties, where I can feel textures in the road and sounds I've never heard before.

    Turning LIN on seems to help a lot with these games.

    I tested every single SEN setting and started to realize that the farther you get from what I can only imagine is the optimal setting the worse the wheel oscillation gets. IOW: I'm running at 540. If I raise it to 700 the oscillation gets worse, till you reach 1080 and it's pretty much undriveable.

    This is a personal preference, in Wreckfest 540 doesn't feet right to me, but if I change it to 360 the wheel starts to oscillate. So instead I changed the Saturation to 66 so if I understand this correctly I'm moving the wheel @360 of rotation, wo the oscillation. Lowering steering sensitivity helps with the oscillation as well.

    Does this make any sense, have to say it feels amazing.

    Jim Nasium

    On another note, for anyone tweaking settings, something I didn't realize until this morning, after spending countless hours tweaking settings for these three games. A very simple way to speed up the process is to lower the engine volume to like 15, this way it makes it a lot easier to hear and feel the differences when making changes to FFB settings. Especially for Wreckfest it makes the game more enjoyable to play, instead of hearing just the engine you hear everything. Wish I had thought of this months ago.

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