CSL Elite PS4 BLI not working on PC

Hi. So BLI on my base works strange from begining. On PS4 i need to restart the Base in game, to get it work.

But recently i bought a PC and here it works till i start the game (ACC) and drive till box exit. After that it is gone.

ABS vibration works, but its not the same as BLI. I like to know when i hit 100% of brakes.

Driver is 402

Fanalab 1.54.5

Base FW 684

Motor FW 22.

Thanks in advance :)


  • I think but might be wrong that since you are using fanalab and setting are done through there you cannot adjust the BLI while driving. You will have to adjust through fanalab and then save as a profile with the new setting and choose the new profile.

    Again I might be wrong cause I am also new in the PC stuff and fanalab

  • Thanks man!!! I tried to start game not through Fanalab, but resul was same because Fanalab was on.

    After your comment i closed Fanalab completly and started game from Shortcut on screen and then Success!!! I have BLI again :)

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