Podium F1 Wheel Button mapping for GTS

Hey everyone. I just got the Podium F1 and am playing GTS.

I couldnt find where to map the buttons for GTS, especially for things like cycling the radar/map/fuel etc, and then changing things like brake bias. Any ideas/suggestions?

Also, any recommended settings to suit GTS?



  • I’m also interested in knowing


  • Hi mate!

    As long as I've been playing GTSport with my Podium F1, there's no way to do it. You can't use all the buttons of the wheel.

    You can change a few of them using the map for the only fanatec wheel that appears on the game. There are a few buttons there that, if you change them, it will work.

    But let me tell you that you won't be able to map most of them. The "special" buttons we have on this wheel, they simply don't work, they are useless on the game.

    Hopefully Fanatec read this and make GT7 a proper game for the Podium F1 wheel, because it is a shame that we cannot make the most of it.


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