Steering Wheel / Snowrunner

I'm using my CSL Elite F1 bundle with my WRC wheel but when I go to drive my camera view just starts spinning and doesn't stop. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?


  • Heey Christopher,

    I had the same problem with my CSl, for me it works to change the input steering wheel to logitech g29 ,and then you have 3 changes on top,not sure what the name is,but 1 of those 3 works for me.

    let me know if it changed anything

  • edited April 15

    Same issue here with CSL Elite and WRC wheel. Christopher's solution seem to work for me.

    Fanatec Formula V2 wheel is working as Logitech Legacy/Fanatec DD1.

    The only drawback is no button on WRC assigned for map. But when I try to edit any buttons, camera starts spinning again, duh.

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