Upgrade to Fanatec, some question

Hi all,

After 3 years on iRacing with my Logitech G29, i'm planning to upgrade my hardware to Fanatec. I'm looking at the Podium DD1 as wheel base, at the ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula V2, with the ClubSport Pedals V3.

I have some question:

1)I also need the Table Clamp because i don't have a "fixed" ring but only a desk. This desk is quite solid and i don't think can be a problem for this Wheel base. The Table Clamp is compatible with the Podium DD1? Someone use this on a desk? Any problems? Everything necessary for the mounting is included with this or i need other?

2)I know that Paypal is an accepted method of payment from Fanatec and also very good for me, but i don't see this method from the option in my profile settings. Means that i can't use this method?

3)If i can't use Paypal could be fine also the bank transfer. How this work? There is an IBAN where to make this transfer? Will give me instruction after i place the order?

Thanks in advance to all.


  • I personally wouldn’t recommend a DD1 unless you had a reputable dedicated rig; the max I think most people would recommend desk mounting is a CSW. If you do actually get a DD1, I’m not even sure if there’s a table mount made for it by Fanatec themselves but I could be totally wrong. I know for a fact though it does not come with one; I received mine last week. It’s a beast on my NLR F-GT which specifically supports direct drive wheels and is currently showcasing the rig’s ability to flex a good amount under DD loads. The horizontal movement is actually pretty bad for something advertised to support DD’s honestly, so I’m not sure how enjoyable it’ll be to try and desk mount one...

  • Je voudrais savoir si le volant Formula clubsport V2 est compatible avec l empattement csl elite ?

  • I'm sure at 100% that the Table Clamp V2 work also for the Podium Wheel Base (looking the "compatibility" tab on the site), and i have seen around some people that use it on the desk with the DD1/DD2 (in desk that also seems much lighter than mine).

    My first idea was for the ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5 but looking the site is sold out. I not want to wait too much for the order, and for this i started to take information about the Podium DD1 for know if for me is a possible road. I know is a "big step" (also in money), but make the shopping one time after i was fine.

    I will se how long the ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5 will be available. There are some way to know this?

    For the payment? Someone who has used the bank transfer?


  • I got a the table clamp to use with my DD1 for a couple of months until I got my rig.

    The table clamp is 100% compatible and very sturdy.

    That said the DD1 is a powerful wheel base and will punish even the sturdiest desk along with everything on it (computer, monitor etc)

    So to summarize, the table clamp is a viable solution but I would only consider it as a temporary one.

  • I'm surprised you did not look at the CSL Elite. Miles better than the Logitech, reasonably priced, plenty of tuning settings, good FFB, and works on consoles or PC. I don't think the CSW is that much of an improvement over the CSL for the price. I agree with the above post. If you do get a DD1 (which I have on a NLR GT Tracks rig and still has some horizontal play), don't try the FFB test on calibration, or everything on your desk will fall off; lol.

  • Tnx to all for the reply.

    I'm looking at the site quite often, but i have never seen available the CSL Elite. Now also i don't see neither the CSW 2.5, but i hope will be first. I put an eye at the NLR Wheel Stand DD in the past, but at the moment buy that with the DD1 is a little bit over my budget.

  • I have a CSL Elite wheel I could sell with the P1 steering wheel. I used it for two months then upgraded to DD1 F1 for PS4/5. They have a new "small" DD unit coming out. But the ability to get one will be a very long wait I guess. I believe the CS and CSL are going to be discontinued.

    I have complete box and packing. I planned to keep it as I have back up gear for my rig IF I ever have to wait on a repair; lol (extra shifter, csl pedals, csl wheel base). I'll just order another wheel base in the future if you are interested. Suggestion is to hold on to your Logitech stuff until you upgrade gear and see how things go.

    Its an option if you can't wait. If you can wait, YouTube" Fanatec new Direct Drive wheel base for 349EU"

    Hope you are enjoying sim racing. I'm 100% on GT Sport under RobbedGt2RS. Ever since I bought Fanatec gear, Im hooked on my rig every night.

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