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  • New FanaLab v1.57.2 available with loads of changes :)

    Changelog for my profiles (for DD2) since last release in December 2020:

    • Implementation of the new Display Settings TC, ABS and Engine Map according to what the car uses in game (e.g. TC, ABS and Engine Map Display settings enabled with Prio 1 for GT3 cars in ACC but only TC and ABS enabled for GT4 cars in ACC and none of them enabled in the Maserati GT4 car because the Maserati doesnt use any assists and GT4 cars doesnt use Engine Map except for the Merc where Engine Map Display setting is enabled etc.)
    • Implementation of the new Display Setting Brake Bias for games which support this new feature (so for games which use full BB values instead of .2 increaments or so (AMS2 and F1 2020)
    • Updated Base ITM auto-page-switch settings to adapt to the new Display settings, so only use auto-page-switch for features which the car and game actually supports
    • Adjusted RPM Ranges for pretty much all 133 profiles
    • Slight FFB updates to the AMS2 car profiles
    • Changed LEDs for AMS2 Ginetta GT4 and McLaren 720S GT3 car profiles as per latest game updates
    • Added new AMS2 car profiles for new Patch 1.2 cars: BMW M8 GTE, Chevrolet Corvette C8.R, Porsche 911 RSR GTE, Cadillac DPi-VR & BMW M4 GT4
    • Massive FFB update to the iRacing car profiles: 22 profiles were changed quite drastically to adapt to iRacings newest FFB updates which came with NTMv7 as most profiles were based on NTMv6 which had different FFB strength ( so you dont need to be Hulk anymore to turn the wheel of the Ferrari 488 GT3 profile (and others) anymore :D ). Also no profile exceeds FF80 (=20Nm Peaks) anymore to make conversion to DD1 easier (multiply FF with 1.25) without the need to also adjust the Max Force and Wheel Force values
    • Slightly adjusted RevLED RPM values for cars in iRacing which use different RPM ranges per gear to find a „middle way“ to get the Wheel LEDs at least somehow being accurate as best as it gets until FanaLab might support this special iRacing „feature“ properly sometime in the future so you can adjust the RPM values for every gear where needed
    • Adjusted RevLED RPM values for iRacings Porsche 911 RSR car according to Season 3 changes
    • Added ABS FlagLEDs for iRacing car profiles where the car uses ABS indicators in the car dash
    • Added auto-page-switch feature when Oil Temp above 125°C for iRacing profiles according to native Oil Temp warning implementation with iRacing Season 2 Build
    • Added new iRacing car profiles for HPD ARX-01c, McLaren 570S GT4, McLaren MP4-30, NASCAR Cup Next Gen Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, Porsche 911 GT3 R, Subaru WRX STI
    • Added F1 2021 profiles (because of a FanaLab issue temporarily disabled auto-page-switch feature for Best Laptime on page 4 though)

  • thx Maurice

  • Berk DokuzcanBerk Dokuzcan Member
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    Thanks Maurice. Can i use this iracing profiles with cls dd ff %100 ?

  • @Maurice Böschen

    Isn't it better to set the FFB strength in Fanalab to 100 and turn down the strength in the game instead of the other way around?

    I have the feeling that I feel more details at about the same strength - tested with Assetto Corsa.

    Have you updated your AC profiles as well? Or only ACC?

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    No. Reducing game Strength would lower the FFB resolution too much.

    And no I never had AC profiles.

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    @Maurice Böschen

    With your DD profiles for iRacing are you running the Force Feedback Scaling ON -> LIN or OFF -> Peak?

    Finding I get a lot of oscillations (if I hold wheel lightly on straights like at COTA) while running with it in the Peak setting which I think is the expected outcome but I can't remember what I was running it with the old version of Fanalab. Would appreciate to know what mode you're running it in.

    If you are running with it in PEAK is there anything in the app.ini for iRacing I can adjust to reduce oscillations on the straights?


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    FFS is also saved in the Tuning Menu - just load it and then you know if the profile uses PEAK or LINEAR - but for 99% its PEAK as I dont like LINEAR at all. Was OFF before, I never used LIN.

    Oscillations are normal for iRacing because of its 60Hz FFB update rate. Only way to avoid is by increasing NDP, NFR, NIN - but with this you sacrifice a LOT of detail which I do not recommend at all. Just leave your hands on the wheel, then also nothing can ever oscillate ;)

  • @Maurice Böschen

    One last thing, are you still clearing the Sensor Calibration on the DD with this new version?


  • Hello Maurice,

    What in game settings do you recommend for iRacing?

    Do these stay the same from vehicle to vehicle or do you use the auto button function after running laps?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Please read the included Text file with recommended in game settings and how the numbers in the profile names have to be used. It's all explained there :)

  • Ahhhh

    Got it!

    Thanks man

  • Hi Maurice,

    Any chance this "official" profiles could be organized in another way here in the forum, cause, after a lot of posts, sometimes we have to dig all pages to find the links...

  • Anyone have any profiles for the iRacing Dirt Oval Vehicles?

  • Just wanted to take a minute and say that I dragged my feet in trying these, and I wish I hadn't. They feel amazing. Way better than anything I have come up with. Well done, Maurice!

  • If anyone has a profile with shift light settings for the Formula Vee could you please share it here


  • Hotfix Release for iRacing Profiles:

    • Fixed RPM values and pattern for Global Mazda MX5-Cup car profile which was changed by the game completely with latest build
    • Fixed % values for Subaru WRX STI car profile
    • Added Formula Vee car profile

  • You are an absolute champion Maurice, thank you so much :-)

  • And you've already included the 992 Cup?!?!

    You're a legend... 😁

    How is it to drive? According to the real car it should have a significant better handling...

  • Actually I forgot to remove it from the public profile pack...😅

    It's a placeholder profile with proper LED colors but without proper RPM values. "Real" profile going to be released the same day the car gets released with Build 4 ;)

  • If I'm using the Podium HUB can I switch between different steering wheels ie formula v2.5 vs porsche gt and use the same profile or will it glitch?

  • That's possible, however you'll be presented with a warning message, that the newly loaded profile was not designed for the other wheel after a change. You will see this message anyway at least if you don't have the exact same hardware as Maurice if loading his profiles.

    Best thing would be to create new profiles for all the cars you're driving AND each wheel. This way you could also adjust the FFB according to the difference in diameter of both wheels you own... So load one of the profiles with the other wheel, accept the message and save the profile again (with a different naming). Next time you'll load this profile, there won't be a warning again (as long as the wheel hasn't changed...)

  • With NIS Darlington Special Event this week I wanted to ask if anyone had a profile for the current gen Cup cars?


  • I bought dd2 because your profiles @Maurice Böschen They need increase your salary :). I dont have a time for each car fb setup for iracing.I am sure there are lots of people like me. I hope you continue to add new cars.

  • "I hope you continue to add new cars" - Yes I do! :)

    Attached a new zip of iRacing profiles with profiles for todays new cars Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo 2020 and Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (992).

    For the Porsche Cup it's ONLY a FFB profile this time with disabled LEDs because the iRacing Devs completely screwed the LEDs of that car, they are all over the place because of massively different RPM ranges for every gear, its absolutely impossible to set LEDs for this car until FanaLab implements a feature to set different RPMs for each gear which I beg is coming sooner than later...

  • Maurice, You've included two 992 Cup.

    I would assume, the one with iRacing setting 40 - 16 is the real one, as the other one (48 - 16 Nm) was included before as placeholder?!!?!?

  • aaaaaaaaaah. Upsi.

    Sorry... 😵

    Attached new Zip, this time only with the correct one (yes, the 40/16Nm one^^)

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