V3 Rumble pedals only work briefly in iRacing

The rumble motors will work in the pits just fine. I go on track and they work for 5 seconds or so than they shut off. I am running simhub and have the pedals directly connected to the PC via USB. They work great in the pits but once I go on track they shut off.. I can go back to the pits and they start working again. Does anyone have any info on this?

Thank you.


  • Make 73Make 73 Member
    edited August 21

    Upper right there is "Calibration" button, move slider all to left and try again.

    Here is (was, don´t have pedals anymore) my settings except changed slip thereshold to something like 40-50%.

    btw, I have different kind of Motor Shields (also expensive Arduino Motor Shield V3 and Adafruit V2.3) for windsim and found that cheap DK Shield is best but you have to mod it.

    Make Parallel connection to channels 1&2 and also to 3&4 so it gives more Amps/channel.

    Totally silence and smooth operation.

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