CSL DD Table Clamp Under Table Clearance

  • I am trying to figure-out if the CSL DD table clamp will work on my desk. I see that it quotes "Supports 5 to 60 mm table thickness" however, I have an obstruction under the desk. Would someone know how far under the table the clamp will reach while still fitting flush against the front of my desk?


  • Just measured my DD desk clamp. From the edge of the desk to the edge of the bottom clamp is a little under 60 mm. This was measured on a desk that is 50 mm thick. Due to the nature of the clamp design it will protrude slightly further under the desk if the desk is thinner. If you are worried about this please let me know and I can try to re-measure for worst case.

  • Thanks for the info. I've only got 35mm of room on the underside so I will have to do some thinking.

  • im assuming youre talking about the pad on the tip of the lower jaw of the clamp for this measurement, is that the front or the back of that is 60mm from the desk edge, if it is the front can you tell me the length to the rear side? on my 30mm thick desk i have 105mm from the edge to the metal frame of my desk underneath so hoping the clamp will fit in that gap, sounds like it should?

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