Fanatec driver not recognising V3 pedals

I've connected to the PC fine and my pedals work fine on the ps4 but the driver says nothing is connected. If I connect via the base, they show up in function test and work fine, but I can't update the f/w that way. Any help please. I'm running Windows 10 enterprise which is fully updated and everything is downloaded from Fanatec so should be the most up to date.


  • Which driver?

  • Their app for updating and setting your gear up on the PC. Windows picks them up no problem when connected via USB, as does the Fanatec app if they're connected via the wheelbase, but you can't update or set them up. They work just fine in GTS on the ps4 also, which is what I mainly play, but I've got this gear as an upgrade to Logitech so I can get into iracing without wrecking my tyres. Lol

  • Which driver version, lol.

    Because the new drivers have a new UI which is not compatible with USB Pedals yet and you would need to open the Windows Gamecontroller Menu to open the old UI which works fine with USB Pedals.

  • My apologies, I can be a bit thick sometimes. That would explain it then. Bear with me, but how do I do that? I'm new to using a PC for gaming, or anything else with a PC as it goes.

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