fanatec v3 calibration question

first time poster, I adjusted brakes accelerator and clutch in the properties,ive searched the forums here aswell. iracing gives me a max of 4095 on all three pedals when calibrating. im sure the loadcell is more than cpable of the 4095. but to give an overview, I swapped from the logitech g920 pedals with a truebrake now i have the V3s on a usb 2.0 port still using the logitech wheel though. i was wondering what i should do here, any help would be appreciated. im not locking up the brakes but i also dont feel i am using 90% of the brake either. thanks for any help. even thought about downloading fanalab. it is the Y axis. thanks again . if its in the wrong place please feel free to send me to the right spot.


  • i cant take this down but learned tha tthe values are correct. 4095 i have looked to delete this but i cant find the option at the moment

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