Clubsport V3 Pedals Vibration

I am considering purchasing the V3 pedals to replace my CSL Elite Loadcell pedals. I want a solution that provides vibration feedback in the brake pedal since braking is my weak point. My concern is how many posters have complained about the strength of the vibration in these pedals.

Are there any positive experiences with these pedals?


  • I forgot to mention that I primarily play GT Sport and I have the CSL Elite Wheel and Base.

  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator

    You can actually invert the vibration motors so they are facing up instead of down and I've found the vibration is more prominent. That being said relying on brake vibrations motors to better your braking shouldn't be the priority. Learning a track at much slower speeds and finding the best line through is honestly key. Your braking will become second nature once you get comfortable with the racing line.

  • I just upgraded from the CSL Elite to the V3s. The motors are great and not too strong but - that shouldn't be your deciding factor. Lemme tell you - these V3's are AMAZING. Once you tune the brake pressure (w/ the optional kit) and adjust throttle pedal throw and spring strength....It is a NIGHT AND DAY difference from the CSL elites - and I also had the Loadcell. Back to the motors - they come "on" once your ABS activates. This is great because it really teaches you to get better at NOT exceeding the max brake point coming into corners. It's made me faster around tracks and smoother - trail braking rocks on this thing.

    I also have the CSL Elite wheel and base and play on a PS5. I used to play GTsport.......not since I discovered Assetto Corsa Competizione. I actually used to race/test driver many moons ago. It took me aalmost two weeks - But I have tunes my setup to what I feel to be the closest thing to real-life, without a motion rig. GTSport is gorgeous......but the SIM-Physics engine of ACC dominates. It's incredible.

    My personal settings are posted on another thread. I did so very recently. Try them out and see how that works for you on ACC.

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