Going Formula (carbon) to Mclaren V2 worth it ?

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Hi all,

I actually own a Formula carbon wheel with CSL Elite base and I'm looking to the McLaren v2 (+ CSQR) but can't decide if worth it or not...

McLaren's wheel seems cheaper in a few points than the formula (no vibration motors ... ...) but the size and design attracts me. For more, I heard things about wobble with or without the CS Quick-release, and wheel random disconnections with or without the CS Quick-release .... so I can't decide ...

Did any owners asked the same question ? I'll be pleased to get advices.



  • I have two F1 wheels. The blue podium wheel & the red 2.5 formula wheel. They both sit on the shelf and watch me rip on the McLaren V2. I like the rubber grips better, and I like the size of the McLaren. The RS wheel will arrive in a couple days and that will satisfy my round wheel needs.

    My original plan was to get a CSL DD and use the Formula 2.5 with it. I ordered the 2.5 but decided to jump to the Podium DD in the time I was waiting for the CSL DD. Now I've got 2 formula wheels I never use. They look good on the shelf though. The McLaren wheel just feels better as a daily. I might get one or both of the formula wheels regripped.

  • I'm a bit surprised that your prefer the McLaren over the Formula 2.5 who has more fuctions ! It won't help me to change or not XD but I appreciate your advice !

  • I only have a PS5, and I don't think I use half the buttons on the McLaren. So the extra buttons on the Formula wheels are unnecessary at this point. I wish the main paddles were like the Formula wheel, but that's my only gripe. I like the extra analog paddles though.

    I wish they were consistent on button placement though. The funky switch is in a different place so switching between wheels is a PITA. Seems like every time I change I have to relearn button placement all over again. That's one of the reasons I've stuck with the McLaren so much instead of changing it out more often. In the beginning it was fun and cool to swap wheels, but I think I'm over the cool factor.

  • I have the metal QR1 on my McLaren wheel (all my wheels actually). The Podium DD has a rubber collar you tighten up to take out any looseness of the connection. If it's not tight there's a tiny click in the wheel under violent conditions. At first I wasn't tightening the collar every time AND I was switching wheels pretty often. Now I stick with the McLaren and the collar is tight.

    I don't think the CSL wheel bases have that. In that case, I would stick with the plastic QR because it has it's own collar that tightens up on the shaft. The metal QR looks good, but probably not designed to work as well with the CSL bases. If I were you I'd save the 100 until QR2 comes out, and consider that instead.

    I haven't heard anything about either coming loose or disconnecting.

  • I've got both, and the CSQR on the Mclarenv2.

    I think most of the issue people had were with the McLarenv1. The V2 has been super reliable for me.

    It does have a little more flex than the formula v2, but other wise I prefer the mclaren wheel. The larger size helps damn the feedback and makes it feel a little more natural and I actually preferrer the rubber grips to the alcantara, it's grippier and softer at the same time.

    The podium paddles definitely feel better than the flappy bits on the mclaren, but they are just as functional.

  • Matthew my friend.....if you had the metal QR1 and the CSL bases.......you will find either the original plastic QR or the new plastic QR are no where near the fit and stiffness of the metal QR1. But yes, there is a big diff in this area going from the CSL bases to the Podium ones.

  • Like I said, I don't have a CSL base. I have a blue DD1. It has the rubber collar that expands the shaft to eliminate all movement. The CSL bases are missing that collar so I thought the plastic QR Lite system might be tighter on a CSL shaft. Flex is another matter completely.

    Keep in mind I'm speaking about some components I've never touched so take it for what it's worth.

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