Podium button endurance module

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can anyone please tell me what functions work ,and more importantly which don't when using this on a xbox series x ,thank you, i want to upgrade to a csl dd and this will form a large part of my desicion

thanks again antony


  • Regular buttons work.

    2-way-toggle Switches dont work.

    MPS dont work.

    LEDs dont work.

    Display Doesnt work.

    So basically only the regular buttons are working.

  • Thank you for your very clear answer, it's a pity there not so clear or honest on the web store page ,I will definitely forget about buying this now

  • A word of caution: I'm not sure if you're aware, but it isn't just the Podium BME that has these limitations on Xbox, it's the Xbox platform itself. Despite being labeled as "Xbox Compatible", no wheel that Fanatec sells has functionality that extends beyond the buttons you'd find on a standard Xbox controller. Just your standard ABXY, LB RB, etc. As Maurice mentioned, no toggle switches, no rotary encoders, no LED lights or display, and only D-pad functionality from funky switches (no rotary dial or clicking in on the stick).

    To be more accurate, technically you may find that some of the things like toggle switches DO work, but they're duplicates of existing standard buttons. For example, on the McLaren GT3 wheel, the toggle switches are duplicates of LT/RT (and can't be remapped).

  • Good advice thank you ,once again its a pity they dont state this more clearly on there store pages,

  • Agreed. Even more of a pity is the fact that these limitations exist in the first place. It's what drove me away from Xbox to now playing almost exclusively on PC. I just couldn't stomach the idea of spending hundreds of dollars on these gaming accessories that I wouldn't be able to utilize to their fullest potential.

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