Fanatec CSL DD Oscillating when turning at speed

I have a CSL DD with Formula 2.5 wheel and when I play F1 2021 the FFB is smooth and the car drives well.

However, in ACC, similar settings produce a very different feel. The wheel is smooth while driving in a straight line but whenever I try to turn with speed, I get a kind of hard bouncy oscillation feel.

First things first, is this supposed to be the case in ACC? Is it supposed to be different from F1 2021, whether it be the fact it's an older game and may use less of the CSL DD's features, or whether the FFB is just supposed to be this way?

Or is there some setting I've overlooked. The only one so far that's really made a noticeable difference is significantly lowering the FFB strength, or if I change it to linear. Dampner doesn't do much and neither does much else.

Looking for advice or suggestions.



  • Have you used the Fanatec recommended settings that are posted here in the forum? That's what I use, and aside from some slight tweaks to overall strength and wheel degrees of rotation, I find them to be very good.

  • Hi, yes, those are what I started with. What specifically did you tweak from these?

    When you're taking a corner, what do you experience through the wheel? Is it a consistent strength that you can control in a steady fashion through your hands or does the FFB make your hands bounce a bit as you fight with the corner?

    Do you have F1 2021 and is the FFB exactly the same between the two?

  • I reduced steering sensitivity in Fanalab to ~900 IIRC, and I think I may have bumped the FF up or down 5% or so (don't remember exactly, but it was pretty minor). I can't test it right now, but I think I know what you mean about the "bounciness". I think what you're feeling may be the car's suspension reacting to the change of direction, and the forces that occur as a result of the weight shifting around. I don't have F1 2021, but I do have 2020 on Xbox. The two do indeed feel very different, but I think this is to be expected, as an F1 car is very different in nearly every respect to a GT car.

  • OK that's interesting. If you do get to test, let me know if feels similar to what I am explaining. I'm curious. :)

    Interestingly the bumpiness doesn't appear to translate directly into the actual steering, i.e. I don't get the impression in the game that I am actually zigzagging around a corner, although it does feel like I would be!

    In the meantime I think I will turn down the FFB strength a little from the recommended settings so as to make it feel a little less bumpy whilst cornering.

  • Try stiffening your suspension and anti-roll-bars? I think it is the game and not your base.

  • Hi David,

    Ok I hadn't actually considered that this cornering bumpiness feeling could directly related to the setup and more specifically the softness of my suspension or antiroll bars. I had just been using the Aggressive setup of the Huracan and tweaking it mildly one way or another, so I will try stiffening those, and see if it makes any difference.


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