CSW v2.5 violent grinding noise, is this normal?

Pressing 'Test FFB' in Control Panel: https://photos.app.goo.gl/AtyLEY3WT5ZJ8vkm9

In Game: https://photos.app.goo.gl/YmaiqMxCTWH363gb9

So I originally sent these videos in to fanatec support about a month ago and was told that this is not normal behavior and to send the wheel in

I finally get a response that their technicians did several testings and came to the conclusion that the unit is working absolutely fine and they will be sending the unit back to me

I questioned whether they were able to replicate my issues in the video and then was now told that The behaviour of your wheel base when performing the FFB test is absolutely normal as well as the sounds that occur during that test. Therefore no defect was detected by our technicians.

So now I am just waiting to receive my unit back from support and hoping it works fine now but based on the response ive been getting I am expecting the worse and just want to be prepared

Also would anyone be able to show me what it looks and sounds like when they press the 'test ffb' button in the control panel for their csw 2.5 unit?


  • Yes, this is normal. It's from how the motor+gear unit functions. The FFB test button will always make a "violent" and harsh noise.

    During game driving, it's suggested that you turn the "F.EFF.INT" setting down to 70 or less - it might have a different name nowadays. It's force feedback intensity, and explained more in detail, a setting that controls a filter for how fine-grained the FFB is. Higher numbers = more "grinding" (most people describe it as clunking). I've found with my CSL-E (the CSW should be a -little- better) 70 is about the highest I'm willing to put it. Anything more and the clunking happens either too much or too hard for my personal taste.

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