delayed shipping despite ordering when "Available"

hey guys, first time on the forum but been using Fanatec for years. love the product but sometimes I hate the support... I placed four different orders through Fanatec as I pulled the trigger at different times over the month or two for the parts I wanted. first I ordered a CSL DD 8nm on NOV 30th (the website had this and only this unit available to ship right away) on December 2nd I ordered my shifter (this already arrived) on December 14th I ordered my inverted pedals (these get here today) and my wheel with podium hub was ordered on the 15th (this was labeled on the website as pre order for JAN 3rd) now with all the purchases out of the way, I am asking as to why my CSL DD 8nm is delayed until FEB 28th...... they said it was a warehouse issue yet my separate orders are delivering fine.. I spent a lot of money and was purchasing the base under the impression it was available, as the site said. I feel like they labeled things available to make a sales quota and then told certain customers its due to Covid or whatever. I'm just seeing if anyone is also having this issue with the CSL DD. seems wrong to label something as in stock but then put me on a preorder list for 3 months later, I believe there is a term for this.... I reached out to the chat and the lady was very nice and trying to be understanding but she was responding with a script of responses, which made me feel like I was talking to a brick wall. I love Fanatec and their product, and have spent thousands with them but why does it seem like they take your money at times and tell you to wait.... and we are supposed to just say ok? I mean its one thing when you know you have to wait because that's what it states on the website (like my podium hub) but this was clearly "available" prior to purchase on NOV 30. I'm without a rig and its so disappointing. if anyone has info or insight or a similar situation please share and hopefully someone from Fanatec will chime in



  • Pre-order sales keep the shareholders happy. But leads to disgruntled customers. The company needs to decide which of these is most important to them. You've discovered what they chose.

  • ill email and chat every day until i get it. i don't care anymore. they took money and make me wait. what they did was false advertisement and its illegal. they have my money and sold me 1500 dollars of other products i cant use without the new base, as my old base kicked the bucket.. i purchased the new base before it was in the current pre order status. they literally changed my status after christmas... sus af fanatec

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    I just recently posted my first time buying experience if you feel like reading a book, lol

    I understand your frustration and the time sink truly stinks. I'm sure I could have gotten some parts sooner if I had ordered each part individually but could have gotten into a situation where I was just staring at parts waiting to be used and honestly, that would probably have been worse.

    All I can say is I know the CSL DD is a hot item, and yeah, with covid (and the new variant springing forward) along with shipping delays and manufacturing issues and who knows if we are gonna go back into lock downs again, demand for this type of home equipment is probably going to spike again. Like back in 2020 I was looking to upgrade from my t150 (I got back in 2019 for $150 was now selling for like almost $400 due to the state of the world mid 2020) -- with all that in mind, yeah, we all will have to exercise some patients with orders from Fanatec.

    I'm not saying what they are doing is okay, they should definitely 100% not be listing items as ready to ship if they are not. But maybe you ordered at the end of a batch and they over sold and the website was not updated in time for your order or something? Just making guesses here.

    I think I have heard opposite stores where some users items shipped earlier than the delay date they give you. So fingers crossed for you that, that may happen.

    Hope your product ships soon for you! :)

  • Just remember what year we're in right now, loads of crazy things are happening, not saying it's an excuse or anything, just that everyone need to be more patient these days. Also, yeah, email/chat them, my experience with Fanatec's customer support has always been really positive, always got a response within a day, and receives replacement products within a week. The most recent product I had to replace was the BME, and I had to replace it twice, had to wait for two extra weeks but I got my brand new BME eventually.

    Anyway, just be patient, try communication directly with Fanatec, posting on the forum should NEVER be the first place you try, and impatient cursing never helps.

  • I had contact today withfanatec and they told me there will be a announcement but couldn't tell me what or why but he told me to wait to order the CSL DD.

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    I've been trying to get a real response from them for a week now... that's why I posted here yesterday, as a last resort. they acknowledge it was purchased when available but don't do or say anything else. I've waited a month for something that should have shipped, an update has not been supplied. I'm just put off with the delay or response. i love their product and understand when things go sideways but this is a huge delay with no supporting info or attempt to ease the uncertainty of arrival

  • do we know where the announcement will be made? on the forum or socials?

  • Update on my podium hub order that was set to leave on the 3rd. it has been pushed back to February 8th... is what it is i guess.. im going to try to use my old old csr base from the forza 3 days... that's how desperate i am. my shifter will be worth more than the whole base set up lmfao.

  • No he didn't say where it will be done. I;m wondering also why or what.

    I do know that untill januari 12 there will be no shipments due to iinventory count.

  • i wonder if they will try to do right for the people who are in back order situations when products were available but i doubt it

  • I just got an email this morning that my USB dongle (for my shifter) got pushed back to Feb 8th as well. (I don't need it in a hurry so I don't mind.)

    Just sharing I got a Feb 8th push back date as well.

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