Rotary encoders are disabled and can not be turned on with the csl elite wheel

with the new driver there is no way to use the rotary encoders anymore. theres only 3 settings on the wheels menue and no way to change or use the mps setting. The wheel just gives no output at all when turning the encoders wich makes them useless. pls fix this ASAP as i feel pretty fooled just because i own a discontinued item.


  • edited January 2022

    You are not fooled, nothing needs to be fixed ASAP.

    It's a feature, not a bug.

    You are just in the new Standard Tuning Menu mode and you just need to change the Tuning Menu into the Advanced Tuning Menu by pressing the Tuning Menu button for 3 seconds while being in the Tuning Menu or by toggling this in the driver UI where also a mouse-hover-hint would have shown and explained you exactly this.

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