CSL DD issue. Anyone have any ideas??

Have recently received the CSL DD, V3 pedals and WRC wheel. When it works properly, it's fantastic, but having a few very frustrating issues with it.

The main one being this - When either crashing in to a wall or steering 'too far', the wheel snaps all the way over and starts jumping uncontrollably. When I try to grab it, it makes an awful noise and feels as if it's doing damage to the wheel base. If I pause the game whilst it's jumping around, the wheel does a complete rotation back to centre, so it's almost as if it's getting confused where centre is or something.

Here is the video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fiYj3CvfOr4

A few things to note:

  • The drivers are all up to date although wouldn't recognise the pedals when trying to update so unsure if they are the latest firmware
  • I have calibrated the wheel exactly how it should be (turn all the way to soft lock, then full rotation back to centre and then to 90 degrees). The cars drive perfectly and how they should after doing this calibration, until either crashing or steering far enough to 'confuse' the wheel.
  • This game is Project Cars 1 and is on an xbox one console. I do wonder if it's because PC1 is just an old game which isn't very well supported, as it doesn't do it on other games.

I did wonder if its anything to do with the wheel being set to a certain degrees of rotation and then the car in the game is set to a different degrees, but cant find anywhere on PC1 to adjust this.

Another slightly odd symptom which I don't know if it's an issue linked or not, when crashing in to a wall or driving over a curb, the force feedback you feel in the wheel happens slightly earlier than it happens in game. So you'll feel the FFB then very shortly after, it actually crashes and you hear the sound effects from the game.

Any ideas on this or how to fix this issue would be greatly appreciated as it's really spoiling the excitement of finally receiving the new Fanatec equipment.

Thank you in advance


  • Have you tried it on another game? Raceroom is free to download.

  • I thought raceroom is PC only isn’t it? I am on Xbox one at the moment and hoping to go to Xbox series X when I can get my hands on one. On Forza Horizon 4 it doesn’t happen at all

  • Judging from that video and the fact that you say it hasn't done this in other games, I'm inclined to believe it's a PCARS1 / Xbox issue. Have you tried setting the wheelbase's degrees of rotation to "Automatic" as opposed to a set number? Worth a try to see if that does anything.

  • Hi Greg, thanks for the response. I did think maybe that’s the reason but I feel like there may be some sort of setting either on the game or on the fanatec wheel settings menu.

    Problem is I can’t find where the menu is to set the degrees of rotation, looks like there isn’t anywhere on PC1 to adjust this

  • I meant the setting on the wheel itself. If you press the button on the wheel to bring up the tuning menu, try setting SEN to Auto instead of 900 or 1080 or whatever. May not have any effect, but it's worth a shot.

  • So on the steering wheel itself, have just gone to the ‘Sen’, clicked down and it goes from 18 to 108 then after 108 it goes to auto. Confused as thought it would go up to around 900 where some wheels are set to

  • 18 on the display = 180 degrees of rotation.

    108 = 1080


  • 1 - Drivers aren't a thing on the consoles, up to date firmware is so let's assume you are referring to that. If if doesn't happen on other games it probably has to do with the game itself, PC1 is almost 7 years old now if i'm correct and i wouldn't be surprised if that was the main reason why this is happening.

    2 - A CSL-DD can handle a lot, this isn't something that is going to break your base but i shouldn't make a new hobby of it. Last year iRacing finally did something about the "we will snap your wrists like matchsticks when you crash", behaviour was like the video you posted but x 10. My CSW survived and my DD2 also and that was when i started racing so i tend to crash into things a lot ;)

    Long story short, most likely a game issue and not a CSL-DD issue.

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