Torque disabled by powerbutton

HI, i am new to sim racing world and recently i bought wheel base dd1,with clubsport pedals V3, clubsport shifter and the handbrake with CSL elite steering wheel WRC. The problem im facing in the display of DD1 i see a message saying that ( torque disabled by powerbutton and i have no idea what this is.

i forgot to mention that i have QR1 and the torque key is installed

Thnk you in advance and sorry if my post in not in the right topic.


  • The WRC wheel is only capable of operating in the DD1's low-torque mode, regardless of whether or not you have your torque key installed. Nothing you can do, it's simply a limitation of the wheel itself.

  • Psql DPsql D Member

    Indeed the Metal QR1 doesn't unlock the full torque mode of the DD1 with this steering wheel.

    It's also metioned on the product page of the steering wheel.

  • Thank you very much for your reply , im planning in new future to buy Mclaren GT3 V2, podium wheel r300 and formula wheel v2.5. Would i be ok with this wheels? or you can suggest me something similar.

  • As long as you have the metal QR1 and you have your torque key installed, to the best of my knowledge all 3 of those wheels you mentioned should operate perfectly fine and will allow high torque mode with your DD1.

  • Once again thank you very much and happy new year or gear .-)

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