CSL DD base vibrating.

After using my CSL DD for just over a week, I've notice that for some reason when the wheel base is on, i get these small vibration that feel like its the vibrators in the wheel but are coming from the base its self. I've tried reinstalling firmware and drivers and tried plugging it into different sockets and different USB ports on my PC but nothing has fixed it. Any help would be very much appreciated.


  • I am having a similar problem. The wheel vibrates. Lights on the BMW wheel display randomly. It not only happens in sim but with windows 10 desktop the only app opened. It also loses connection with the Fanatec Control Panel and disengages in the middle of sim racing on Iracing. I have sent Fanatec support a video as requested and am awaiting a reply.

  • My CSL DD does not vibrate but my GT DD Pro did.

    It went back on an RMA and they sent me another GT DD Pro ... and this one does it too, so I am getting ready to start the RMA process again :(

    Repeat, it should not have these vibrations, my CSL DD does not vibrate, these wheel bases should have none of this.

  • Just to confirm my CSL DD does not vibrate at all either so if yours does then you need to contact support.

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