Fanatec DD1 Sidemount issue

Has anyone had any issues side mounting their DD1s? I have been trying to side mount my DD1 with M8 20mms (as per the DD1 manual) and they do not seem to be fitting. Any forceful tightening is causing the screws to start to strip and I don't want to force any further in case I damage the wheelbase


  • Psql DPsql D Member

    No issues at all to use the side mounts.

    First try the bolds when your base is just on the table. Better to try the bolts there and the bolts should go in without any force just by hand. If not you are sure it are the right bolts?

  • I have tried screwing the bolts in on the table and same result, get like 2 turns in and it get very resistant. I have tried numerous M8s but same result. It feels as if I should be trying with M7s but that isn't to spec.

  • You sure they are the right thread?

  • If it is only two turns, then it is a clear indication of the wrong thread, consult with Fanatec or manual, they should provide you with a correct thread. I don't have DD1, but I assume it should be M8x1.25

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