Clubsport V2 compatibility

Hey Guys

Im veeery new to this sim racing thing, so bear with me :)

Right now, im active in an aucton where they are selling

1x Clubsport Base v2

1x Clubsport BMW M3 GT2 (wheel)

  Actually, im not sure if the wheel on action is the first one or the V2 (as in the link)

1x Clubsport Formula (wheel)

1x Clubsport Pedals v2

My question is

1. Will this setup (base+wheels+pedals) wheels work with my Ps5? 

2. Will this setup work with my PC (intel i9 10gen+RTX 3070)

3. Can i purchase spare parts, as in power adapters and such separately. i imagine there are some parts missing. 


    1. No. Only PS Bases work on Playstation, namely the Podium Racing Wheel F1 Bundle, CSL Elite PS4 Base and the GT DD PRO.
    2. Yes, everything works on PC.
    3. Spare parts cant be purchased separately for discontinued products, no.
  • Clubsport base v2 was compatible with PS3 and some early titles on PS4, but the list is small.

    If you want to buy a used one, look for CSL Elite base +, CSL Elite Wheel For Playstation (base + entry level wheel) or CSL Elite F1 Bundle.

    Clubsport Formula Wheel is pretty old as well and much worse than Formula V2.5

    V2 pedals are fine if you can get a very good deal on them, but I would look for v3. They are popping on Ebay regularly.

  • Well, what a great idea to ask in this forum.

    Thought i was going to make a real bargain, but... yeah, woudnt be mutch of use if i cant use it on the PS5 and as you say .. its pretty old.

    ok great, thanks for the advice

  • I went with GT DD PRO and super happy with it, much better than CSL Elite I have.

    Pair it with Mclaren GT3 V2 rim and you are golden (both PS5 and XBOX). I have much more expensive wheels, but McLaren is my favorite.

    You will get the CSL pedals with GT DD PRO and all you will need is to buy a load cell break pedal for it. It is hard to say how good it will be compared to v3s, but based on youtube reviews, it looks even better value for the money.

    I have v3s and I am happy with them, but will buy loadcell kit once available to compare, maybe I will end up selling my V3s, since I don't really care much about those pedal mounted motors.

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