3.46 with FH5 Questions


So 3.46 is working after installing the lastest driver, setting it up, then removing it and installing 3.46 but...

I don't really have any of the options I am used to. All I have is this:

Is there a way for me to get to a calibration test that looks more like the standard Fanatec setup?


  • You need to switch to compatibility mode so that it says FANATEC CSW 2.5 and not FANATEC Wheel

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    So when i do switch to compatibility mode the driver does not recognize anything.

    Right now I setup this in PC mode, and it's really hard to tell what I am calibrating and when. Then I switch to compatibility mode afterwards to play FH5.

    I should probably note my wheel base is the GT DD Pro.

  • GT DD Pro does not work with the old driver unfortunately - CSL DD does.

    I have both and have to mount the CSL DD to play FH5

  • Yeah, but it is working. And here's what I did:

    1. Installed 4.34 updated firmware
    2. Setup FH5 to the 4.34 driver by driving in the open world. Avoid loading into races etc.
    3. Tweaked FFB
    4. Mapped all my buttons
    5. Closed Game
    6. Removed 4.34 and Rebooted PC
    7. Installed 3.46
    8. Sort of calibrate what I could?... It was pretty confusing as shown above.
    9. Played FH5 for hours. Even the Brake Vibrate still works with my V3 pedals. Did lots of different events and and races. Fast Travelled. All the stuff that usually crashes the game.

    This all worked and went well, but it's been my experience that I need to calibrate the pedals or handbrake every few days. I do not think I am going to be able to calibrate everything properly if the calibration gets off.

  • Oh and I have no way to calibrate the shifter that I know of with the above software that I can find?

  • nvm i got that done on the OLED... I've been using the desktop stuff previously.

  • It works, but without the Fanatec Control Panel there will be all kinds of odd issues. I just switched back to the CSL DD for FH5 as it is a much better experience with the current state of the game.

  • Oh I gotchya. I can see that. Sadly I don't have that option but im glad to have finally moved away from my G920. We'll see if calibration issues send me back or not, because I can see some issues coming up without the control panel as you stated. That said. I finally got a few days of play on it in FH5.

    Now I just have to learn not to be a lazy one handed driver. Cuz that is not working anymore.

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