looking for FFB Detail.

Hi I picked up a Porsche 911 GT3 R wheel that I use with a CSL DD and because I usualy wear gloves I find I am missing alot of the small FFB detail I am used to. Is there a setting in each Game I need to adjust or is there something in the Fanalab software I can adjust to bring a little more of the Edge to the FFB I am used to with other wheels.




  • Thing with the Porsche Podium GT3 is that it's quite heavy and that a CSL-DD isn't an match when it comes to delivering the same amount of torque Nm's compared to the DD1/2 wheelbases.

    I'm using a DD2 and i had to crack up the FFB a decent amount when using the Podium Porsche wheel compared to the Formula V2 i used before for all cars.

    So i don't think there is much you can do, weight is a factor in this case and in my opinion the Clubsport RS would make more sense on a CSL-DD.

  • And most probably you need to adjust something in game and even then different cars will give different feedback.

    I use a pair of MTB gloves... with the thinnest possible leather between my fingers and wheel.

  • Agreed guess i'm just looking for a bit stronger force fidelity wothout making the wheel so heavy with over active Torque.

  • You'll likely want to make sure your FFB Interpolation (INT) is turned way down or even completely off, to ensure nothing is getting filtered out unnecessarily.

    Depends on the game, but you'll probably want your FEI to be at 100, (as well as your FF, obviously). Setting FFS to Peak, if it's not already, can help to make the low-to-mid level feedback a bit stronger and more noticeable.

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