Xbox Series X CSL DD ACC support

Is anyone running ACC on the Xbox series X with the Fanatec CSL DD base and Mclaren V2 GT3 wheel?

I just cant get ACC to detect the base/wheel in the config screen setup, I've tried the 3 different DD modes but nothing it working. The setup works fine in other titles like F1 2021/WRC ect in xbox mode.



  • Yes I have that setup and it works fine for me, though the ffb is very weak on Xbox.

  • Do you remember how you got the game to recognise the base/wheel? you just have it in xbox mode with the green LED on the DD base?

    Many thanks

  • You may have to use the controller to select the wheel in the in game control settings to get it to work the first time you play. My friend had this problem with his thrustmaster recently.

  • Hi Paul,

    The issue is I don't see the Fanatec wheel in the settings, there are two predefined wheel presets under the wheel section. Using the controller I have tried to create a new profile but none of the buttons on the steering wheel are responding. I've tried changing the mode of the DD base with no success.

    I have the same issue both AC and ACC, It works fine on all the other titles I own.

  • Paul SpinneyPaul Spinney Member
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  • I believe the presets are just ones you make and save yourself. In the control settings highlight STEERING WHEEL with your controller and press A. you should see a Green line above STEERING WHEEL. Then you should be able to use the wheel to make your settings and bind the buttons on the wheel. Name your preset and then save it.

  • I'm having the same issue with my Podium DD2 and club sport formula V2 wheel. Works great in F1 2021 but does not show up in ACC at all, I've tried all the recommendations but still not working. There are also no presets showing up for the wheel in ACC.

    All firmware is up to date on the DD2 and Wheel.

  • I managed to get it working by performing a restart on the xbox series x and as soon as the xbox logo appears power on the DD base into xbox mode.

    Then start AC and you should be able to control the xbox within AC using the wheel. You should then be able to setup the wheel in the AC settings.

    Ive found that I have to perform another restart if I then want to use the wheel in ACC.

    Hopefully that works for you with the DD2

  • Daniel BangDaniel Bang Member
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    Everything BESIDES the throttle and brake are working for me in ACC on Xbox Series X...

    And I have absolutely ZERO Force Feedback...

    A thought... could it be because it is connected to a USB HUB?

  • Nope, it isn't because I was running it via an USB HUB.... my wheel setup works for all other Xbox Games, except ACC

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