Suggestion for orders internal procedures/policies

I ordered for about 1700$/us (plus exchange rate) for a canadian :-( worth of products which made it close to 5000$ in a less then a year.

In this latest order i was exited to order the GT DD pro and i was willing to pay extra for the express delivery version.

I then received a confirmation of the order with a note in it that delivery will be held until all products are in stock. Problem is one of the products in the order is only available end of January and even worst another one only mid may. When i ordered the express GT DD pro the regular version was available mid March. Get the point ;-)

All this to say that the new express versions handling don't fit well with the (won't ship until all items in the order are in stock) policies/procedures. I have the feeling there will be more express versions in the future since it's easy extra cash for Fanatec. So i strongly suggest that orders with express versions included should be handled differently and should be automatically split into 2 deliveries with in stock and back-order products. either that or make it so express versions can not have other products in its same order. This will avoid your clients having an unpleasant surprise paying for express versions for nothing if they don't closely monitor the emails.

In my case i was suggested by customer service to cancel and redo the orders separatly and thank god that cancel button was still there!! But this will increase the processing time and i am now stuck waiting for the refund to my CC before i reorder which could take another week of two and therefore be in the risk that more delays are added to backorder items or even worst some in stock items might go back-order. Bassicaly even tough i acted quickly i will still be impacted.

So again it will be greatly appreciated to please review the procedures, there is an easy fix to it and it will save some unhappy customers going to the competition in the future.



  • There is already a warning at the top of the cart and checkout page that states orders won't be shipped until all items in the order are available.

    Fanatec are not going to cover the cost of shipping an extra parcel when they've made it clear it'll ship as one

  • There are 17 warning about how they ship when all products are ready. You don't save money by shipping alltogether. Should have put your express base into a separate order....

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